Mira Rajput Gives A Strong Opinion On Feminism And Motherhood. Twitter Disagrees With Her

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3:05 pm 11 Mar, 2017

Feminism is probably the debate of this century. Every day, a new definition of feminism crops up, and we relentlessly argue over it day and night. This is because we fail to acknowledge the bigger picture, and we wrangle over trivial opinions.

The same happened when Mira Rajput gave some rigid statements on feminism and motherhood on this Women’s day, and yet again, the people ignored the crux.


This is what Mira said to Mid-Day,

Feminism isn’t about man versus woman. It’s about equality. There’s a new wave of feminism that’s come which is about aggression. I wouldn’t want to spend one hour with Misha and then rush off to work. Why did I have her? Misha is not a puppy. I want to be there for her.

Mira, in her statement, plainly stated that feminism is all about the choices that a woman makes. Her priority is Misha, which defines her personal choice.


Her words were misinterpreted and Twitter took the “puppy” remark too seriously and bombarded her with criticism:



They were some people who acknowledged her honesty:




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