By Helping Indians Abroad Using Twitter, Sushma Swaraj Has Set A Gold Standard

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7:28 pm 24 Aug, 2015

Setting a higher standard for all other ministers, Minister of External Affairs (MEA) Sushma Swaraj yet again proved why she can not only manage her department with ease, but can also do her duty even if the call for help has come from an unorthodox platform like micro-blogging site Twitter.


On Friday night a distressed brother reached out to India’s MEA Sushma Swaraj via micro-blogging site Twitter.

Just a week away from the auspicious celebration of Raksha Bandhan, Dev Tamboli was worried about his sister, who had gone to UAE for a job opening few days back. After reaching her destination she had been locked in a room and was being held against her wishes.

Dev’s method of approaching Swaraj was unorthodox and it would have not been a surprise had it been ignored, just because thousands  of tweets go out to our ministers everyday asking them for one help or the other. But it seems it was not to be.

Within hours Swaraj not only replied to Dev, but also gave him the assurance that needful was being done.

The story would have ended with Dev thanking Swaraj and informing her via Twitter that he had got a call from Indian Ambassador to UAE, and that the latter had taken the required steps to get his sister out.

Yet Swaraj made sure that she personally saw to it that the girl had been rescued, and after confirming the news from UAE sent out another tweet to Dev informing him that his sister was now safe.

Swaraj has also helped many Indians on previous occasions. Sreeji Sanju was in Dubai when she ran into trouble with the Dubai Police with regards to her passport. Swaraj stepped in and helped her get it back.

Till now majority of the politicians and ministers have mainly taken to Twitter to wish other celebs or congratulate someone on their achievement. While PM Modi might have been the first trendsetter for BJP, MEA Sushma Swaraj has taken this to a whole new level and made people aware that even Twitter can be used by the distressed to call out for help.



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