Why Not Twinkle Kumar? With One Tweet, Twinkle Khanna Answers On Behalf Of All Married Women

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2:42 pm 20 Sep, 2016

Welcome to India- a  land where we are as excited and fast paced to kill off our daughters as to get them married and have kids. This by and far means that the sole purpose of a woman in India is to be branded to a man and his kids. Who’s she without his name attached to hers?

Twinkle Khanna who has retained her maiden surname even after being married to Akshay Kumar for 15 years received a stereotypical question from a humble Twitterati about her surname. Of course, he must not be the first one to ask this.

”Why are you not Twinkle Kumar?”



And so, Twinkle had him with her usual on-pot sarcasm, hence speaking on behalf of all married and unmarried women refusing to bow down to societal norms.

#MarriedNotBranded is indeed a new favourite now. This woman never fails to impress!


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