Twinkle Khanna Gets Candid About Acting, Her Husband Akshay And Aarav’s ‘Nasty’ Habit

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3:21 pm 13 Nov, 2016

Twinkle Khanna, once a mediocre actress, and now the highest-selling woman author in India. Thankfully, she has found her right place and she is nailing it with her witty genes.

Recently, her second book ‘The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad’ was released and not-so-surprisingly, it is already listed in Amazon bestsellers list.

And In the mail today -A long awaited parcel -The first copies of #TheLegendOfLakshmiPrasad from #Hurrah

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Lately, she spoke her mind in a short interview with NDTV and uninhibitedly talked about her failed acting career, her son (who still watches her intimate Bollywood scenes) and her husband Akshay, whom she wants to be like.

She says she has a history of offending people:

“I have always been the one person standing there, making jokes and cracking up. Whether other people cracked up around me or not was irrelevant. But, I would also end up offending a lot of people because I had not honed that completely and I did not know how to exactly, precisely direct it. With writing, you know, you rewrite. You make sure that you are getting what you have to say across without really offending people – because that’s not the point. “

She so wanted to quit acting:

“I was desperate to get out (laughs). My entire body was outside the door, you know, I was just hanging on with my toes. So finally, you know, when that last step happened, and I was out, I was happy.” 

On her trolling strategy:

“I troll them(people) politely, let’s put it that way. when I am trolling them, I always call them Sir. I like to do it very respectfully (laughs).”

Her son still watches her old Bollywood kissing scenes and mocks her:

“I haven’t seen any of my movies and now lately, my son has started doing a nasty thing, where he keeps replaying this one scene he’s got on YouTube, where I’m apparently kissing some man’s nipple. And he keeps showing me this again and again and he keeps making these jokes! And yeah, so, I actually think I should, I don’t know, blind myself or blind him. I’m not sure which!”


She finds Akshay different from other stars and aspires to be like him, someday:

“I think he is actually someone who’s remarkably comfortable in his skin. He’s not been one who cares what people in the industry think about him. He’s never been part of any group or clan or needed to do any of those things. He is who he is and he is absolutely fine with it. And I think that’s remarkably, you know, unique.  No, I want to be as much like him as possible. I mean, I want to have that mind, that calm, Zen-like mind, I don’t have it.”


God bless this couple and Twinkle, you just keep writing!

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