10 Ways To Turn Your Man On Without Touching Him

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4:00 pm 23 Sep, 2015

So girls, it’s time to lure him and keep him hooked forever. Here are some really amazing ideas to turn your man on without even touching him. Believe me this is an art, learn it ASAP!

1. Carry your confidence wherever you go

It is true that a confident woman knows her own worth and embraces it. Confidence in a woman draws the attention of most (if not all) men. Do not confuse it with arrogance.


2. Let your eyes express

Expressive eyes in most of the cases is the best turn on for men. Beautiful eyes that convey a lot without words is something that every man finds irresistible.


3. Have a good sense of humor

You do not have to toss jokes at him every time. Just know how to have a good laugh with him; making him laugh too will be a bonus.


4. Make your lips look luscious

Keep your lips soft, healthy and kissable. Take care of them and make them pink naturally. That’s the best turn on.


5. Flaunt your intelligence

Break through their belief that women are generally dumb.  Plenty of men appreciate and are intrigued by a sharp woman who can also have a good conversation on a variety of topics.


6. Take care of your lustrous locks

Grow your hair long, and take care of them. Most men appreciate long hair. That does not mean a short haired woman cannot turn her man on. Just make your hair look healthy, smooth, and beautiful. He will love it.


7. Show him that you are independent

The fact that you can be self sufficient and don’t need a man to survive definitely will work in your favor and will turn him on.


8. Show some love to your feet

Women spend most of their time in face care and forget their feet. Cracked heels and chipped nails are things that can keep your man away. Remember sexy legs are a turn on for men.


9. Know to respect yourself

A woman with standards demands respect, not in a overly aggressive way, but does so while still embracing her feminine energy. You should know you deserve to be treated with respect, and the way to express that to a man to make him want you, not hate you.

10. Use your sexy voice

Men go weak at their knees and surrender their weapons over a soft and sexy voice. It’s time to work and modulate of your voice and bring out its seductive side.

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