10 Things You Learn In Tuition Classes Apart From The Subject

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10:00 am 10 Jan, 2016

Students take tuition classes to fill the gaps in understanding a subject. However, what they learn there is more than what is being taught in the books. It is a fun time, a new place to make friends sailing in the same boat as you, a different teaching environment, where you are more carefree than within the strict walls of school. So, besides getting your doubts cleared, here’s what else happens in tuition classes:


1. The new techniques to cheat from your fellow tuition mates.


2. You realize that your tuition classmates are prettier or more handsome than your school classmates.


3. Teachers can be as young, like your tuition teacher whom you secretly have a crush on.


4. You find out that your school teacher skipped some important topics that are probably going to pop up in the exam.


5. You actually look forward to tuition as you get to dress up in casuals.


6. You no longer have to give an excuse to hang out with your friends as extra tuition classes is the best excuse you have.


7. You figure out that you have too many notes to refer to for your exam preparation.


8. Even tuition can’t change the way you feel about studies.


9. You still have to spend extra hours studying at home to excel in your exams.


10. Everyone now has expectations that you will ‘pass with flying colors’.


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