Political Unrest, Bad Weather, And Lead Actress In Hong Kong: Here’s What’s Up With ‘Tubelight’

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3:19 pm 19 Sep, 2016

I’m looking forward to seeing Salman Khan in ‘Tubelight’ because it is a role that I think suits him. In the movie, he plays a “simple” man…and by “simple” they mean slow-witted and rather dumb. How this simpleton ends up involved in the 1969 Indo-Sino war remains to be seen.

Recently, the movie seems to have run into actual trouble and not just PR-constructed problems. Parts of the movie were supposed to be shot in Kashmir but as you probably know, there is major unrest in Kashmir nowadays with stone-pelters and security personnel clashing with each other.


After facing delays, the film unit decided to shoot some of the scenes in Manali. Now, Himachal Pradesh may not have civil unrest but it does have weather problems. As per the director, Kabir Khan, their set was constructed at a height of 12,000 ft, where the unit faces the problem of bad light conditions. This is obviously delaying the shooting schedule.

On top of that, tabloids were curious about why the lead actress Zhu Zhu was not in Manali with the rest of the crew. Instead her social media profiles reveal that the actress is currently shooting for a Chinese film ‘Butter Lamp’ in Hong Kong.


However, a source has rushed in to clear the air. The first half of the movie focuses on Salman’s relationship with Sohail Khan; it is only in the second half that the love interest catches on. The scenes being shot in Manali belong to the first half.

Zhu Zhu has completed her Leh shooting with Salman; only the Kashmir scenes remain, but seeing the problems the crew is facing, it looks like the second half of Zhu Zhu’s shooting schedule will take some time to wrap up. She decided to go to Hong Kong and shoot for her other movie.


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