A Twitter User Responds To Those Complaining About Long Queues Outside Banks

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3:32 pm 11 Nov, 2016

The scene in this photograph mirrors the scene outside every bank in India on at the time of writing.




Long queues of people trying to deposit, exchange or withdraw the now scrapped Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes were witnessed outside every bank and post offices in every city or town of the country.

Thankfully, the winter is here and the sun is not being too harsh. But even then some are complaining about the long queues.

One Twitter user posted this in response to a news agency’s photo of the long queues.


He got a response from another user who argued that the people standing in the queues were those who were “forced” to stand in the line.


And in what can be called a brilliant reply, the original commentator pointed out the hypocrisy we as a society have.


(He corrected the spelling of ‘sake’ in another tweet.)

It is indeed true that fans can wait for incredibly long and often unearthly hours to catch a glimpse of our favourite superstar, movie, cricket match, and product. Forget about complaining, we don’t even show any signs of discomfort on our faces. But whenever we are asked to stand in a line for some necessary official purpose, we start complaining.

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