12 Troubles You Face While Dating A Hot Girl

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10:00 am 5 Nov, 2015

Men are mere mortals and if they are able to fascinate a woman who is hotter than them, they quickly learn that a hot girlfriend can put him at the mercy of the greatest weaknesses of life. Here we mention some troubles only men with hot girlfriends would understand.


1. You are easily manipulated by her – she doesn’t need to speak, her looks and expressions are enough.

They have mastered the skill of manipulation.


2. You always worry about her double or even multiple dating.


3. You get a sense of being fooled by her looks.


4. Hot girls are short-tempered and you face her anger many times!

So, her ego can be the biggest delinquent in a relationship.


5. Sometimes you feel your friends act too polite when you are with your hot girlfriend.


6. Unfortunately, along with rest of your friends, even you think she is with you just for money.


7. You worry about guys who want to sleep with her.

This is mostly due to lack of trust in a relationship.


8. Day by day you grow possessive about her, and jealousy always lurks within you.

Well, if you are a man with self-esteem and get that being hot is not a crime, this won’t apply to you.


9. Even if she is honest, you will always suffer from trust issues.


10. You always have to agree with her because she rules the relationship.


11. The biggest pitfall is that when she is surrounded by her friends, no one notices you in her presence.


12. As the world constantly keeps reminding a beautiful woman that she is beautiful, there will always be a dash of insecurity in the relationship.


13. You will always be an option for her as she will have plenty of willing guys to choose from.


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