Maneka Gandhi Says Trolling Women Online Will Now Be Considered Violence

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8:16 pm 18 May, 2016

Addressing increasing number of issues with regards to women being abused online, Union Minister Maneka Gandhi has said that she has written to the Home Ministry to come up with a code for online behaviour.

With regards to growing online trolling, Gandhi said, “Women have to deal with tremendous viciousness online” adding that initially the operators would not come and talk to them.


Representational Image Megaphone.oz

Representational Image. Megaphone.oz

Though they have now come aboard, she said that it was not until recently when they got a journalist’s complaint that the issue was brought to light.

They said that looking at that particular issue sensitised the ministry to the threats that many face in the cyberworld and from now on it would be treated as violence.

The Minister of Women and Child Welfare said that her ministry is also trying to get pregnant women longer maternity leave as that is an issue close to her heart (being a single mother herself).




She said that she has already sent the proposal to the Labour Ministry and is now just waiting for their response.




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