Do You Know The Real Face Behind The Famous Troll Face You See In Memes?

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5:20 pm 11 Jul, 2016

It all started when 24-year-old, Carlos Ramirez got bored while doing his college paper and doodled something on MS Paint. Well, this was his everyday habit but this time he posted it on 4chan, an image board.



To this he says:

“I didn’t really have any intention to share it. I just posted it on their video game board and I went to sleep. I woke up the next morning and saw it re-posted in a number of other threads.”

Though the image was created accidentally by Carlos, it earned a lot of money for him. He never had any idea that it would go viral on such a popular platform like Reddit. Carlos started earning money from his creation and later copyrighted it after his mother asked him to.



Till date, with his popular troll face, Carlos has earned $100,000.

Isn’t this unbelievable? He makes $10,000-$15,000 from licensing and merchandising almost every month. Unauthorized use of his meme earns him a lot of money through legal settlements.



I guess we should keep on doing such random stuff. You never know your kuch bhi can any day do wonders!




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