Mother Of Two Falls Prey To Triple Talaq Over 20 Rupees

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11:47 am 15 May, 2017

A Muslim woman hailing from Rasulpur, Firoazabad in Uttar Pradesh has alleged that her husband has divorced her for demanding a small amount of 20 Rupees.

Shazia, mother of two daughters, had been married for five years to a factory worker. According to the woman, her husband had been harassing her for the past few years, unhappy with the fact that she had given birth to two daughters, he wanted to get rid of her.


A few days ago, when Shazia’s husband was about to leave for work, she asked him to give her 10 or 20 Rupees so that she could buy some food for her daughters. This made her husband furious. When she tried to confront him, he divorced her orally and threw her out of the house.

Now Shazia is worried about her two daughters, one four years old, and the other just eight months old. Her husband has even threatened to sell the girls to make money. Shazia is an only daughter and her parents died after she got married.

As reported by The Times of India recently, Shazia has learnt that her husband has an extra-marital relationship. A helpless victim of triple talaq, Shazia has now sought the help of local police, who, according to her, are not concerned about her situation.

In recent months, with more women raising their voice against the practice of Muslim men divorcing their wife orally, the issue of triple talaq has gained a lot of attention across the country. Following the huge number of petitions against this practice, the Supreme Court of India has also begun hearings on the constitutional validity of triple talaq on May 11. With a large number of women hoping for an end to the practice, the apex court’s verdict is yet to come.


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