Afghans Carried A 100-m Tricolour To Thank India For Building The Salma Dam In Herat

2:32 pm 14 Aug, 2015

Just ahead of India’s 69th Independence Day, the people of Herat in Afghanistan marched with a unique 100 meter combined Indian-Afghan flag to express their gratitude to India for helping them in the reconstruction of Salma Dam in the province.

The dam cost India of over Rs.1400 crores for the reconstruction.


The dam is estimated to generate about 42 MW of power and irrigate more nearly 75,000 hectares of land bringing the people of Heart much relief.


After water started flowing into the dam late last July, the pleased people of Herat decided to meet Amit Kumar Mishra, who is the Indian Consul General in Afghanistan, and present him with a 100-meter long Indian-Afghanistan flag as a symbol of thanks to India for their help.


The Minister of Energy and Water in Afghanistan has also proposed that the Salma dam be renamed to ‘Afghanistan-India Friendship Dam’ as a symbol of Indo-Afghan friendship.


Afghanistan Salma Dam

Salma Dam at the time of construction. Maeeshat

Besides the Salma Dam, India is also helping build the Parliament building for Afghanistan.


In times such as these, when Afghanistan is still trying to recover from the aftermath of the US-led war against Taliban, a visible symbol of friendship like the Salma Dam will go a long way in solidifying relations between two nations.


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