A Mumbai-Based Sculptor Made A Ganesha Idol Which Can ‘Give Birth’ To A Tree

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6:57 pm 18 Sep, 2015

A 29-year-old sculptor, Dattadari Kothur, made an innovative and environment-friendly Ganesha idol this Ganesh Chaturthi, reports DNA.

Dattadari, who was born and brought up in the chawls of Mumbai, calls his idol ‘Tree-Ganesha’. He says that the idol he made is the bearer of new life.

Though Dattadari has been making an eco-friendly idol for the past six years, only this year did he came up with the idea of a tree-Ganesh, which is an idol of  Lord Ganesha with seeds hidden in his belly.

“Ganesha is the harbinger of success and remover of obstacles. He will take the form of a tree to prevent the earth from massive destruction and bless humans with the wisdom to protect nature.”

So, how did he make Tree-Ganesha?

The idol is made by hand using natural materials, which make it easy to dissolve in water. As the idol dissolves, the seeds inside it begin to germinate.

“Ganesha lives on in his creations – the plants,” says Dattadari.


Though he made only one idol for his own family, Dattadari is hopeful that his idol will eventually find its place in people’s hearts and homes. He said:

“This year I made one for my family, however next year around I hope others prefer this one rather than the ones that are toxic for the environment.”

But Dattadari is not in the mood to commercialise his creation and says that he would be happy if people took inspiration from him and made their own idols as well.

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