Travel Website’s New Ad Leaves Audience In Splits As They Take A Dig At Kanhaiya Kumar

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3:41 pm 3 Apr, 2016

It seems Delhi’s Jawaharlal University’s Student Union President Kanhaiya Kumar has become popular even among advertisers.



In a recent advertisement released by travel agency, the portal has come with an ad that closely resembles JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar’s now ‘famous’ azaadi speech.

The advertisement which looks like a rip off of Kumar’s speech, reminds of the night when he was released from jail and with people shouting  “Hume chahye Azaadi (We want freedom)!”



Yatra, has captioned the advertisement as:

“To all those who’ve heard “sorry” way too frequently at airport check-ins, we understand you, we’re with you, and we have the perfect solution for you! #YatraWebCheckIn”

The ad starts with a man requesting the receptionist at a ticket counter to provide him with a window seat on the flight.

To his request, the receptionist replies with a statement many travellers have now become accustomed too – “Sorry sir, all the window seats are booked.”


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But not accepting defeat, the guy (who looks like Kumar) gets charged up, gets hold of a mike and starts chanting ‘Azaadi’ slogans and asks “Don’t we have this much freedom to sit on the seat we wish to?”

As if this was not hilarious enough, others around him starts chanting in chorus:

“Hume chahye Azaadi (We want freedom)!…We want freedom to chose our own seat, want freedom from standing in long queues.”

Taking a final jab at Kumar, Yatra ends it ad about its web app stating:

“Don’t hurl slogans, be smart and download the’s flight web check-in app.”

Here is what happened:



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