This Couple From Kerala Invites Transgender To Their Wedding As The Main Witness

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5:05 pm 29 Aug, 2016

In India, weddings are a big affair and also a way to show off your wealth. However, the 27-year-old. However, the 27-year-old Sruthi Krishna from Wayanad, went against all norms and had a simple and quite wedding.

She tied the knot with the Ramnath from Alappuzha at the registration office.

What made the wedding unique and praiseworthy was the couple decision to make Sheethal Shyam, a popular LGBTQ activist and transgender, as their main witness.

According to Indian Express, the couple didn’t believe in the patriarchal norms.“We wanted people like our amma (mother), chechi (sister)- who generally do not wield so much of power in a patriarchal household, to be witnesses on paper, and for a change, that the men in the house to be just witnesses,” said Sruthi.



The couple with Sheethal Shyam

Sheethal Shyam said that unlike many who discriminate, Ramnath and Sruthi saw her as just another human equal to them.

“They invited me out of their wish that we should be accepted into the mainstream, just like we want for ourselves,” Sheethal said.



Not only that, disagreeing with fellow Malayalis’ obsession with gold, the bride wore a neck piece made of cereals and grains.


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