26 Traits That Modern Girls Seek In Their Husband-To-Be

4:00 pm 27 Apr, 2015

Gone are the days when dolls were snatched from girls to be married off. Most modern girls are educated, independent and single even in their late twenties. Being more mature and smart, these girls seek men with certain traits. Let us have a look at what traits modern girls seek in the men in their lives.

1. Does not depend on the dowry or income she brings. Is confident and secure in his own abilities.

2. Is compatible with her family and friends, because she is not going to abandon everyone for him.

3. Shares her values and principles so that they can make their life decisions without having to fight over it.

4. Pays attention to her desires, needs and moods. Is there to rejoice with her in her success and lend a shoulder to lean on when she hits the lows.

5. Should not seek reasons or logic for her sadness. There are times when she needs unconditional support and love.

6. Should know the difference between being loving and possessive. Possessiveness is out of fashion for sure.

7. Good sense of humor in her man is a must for a woman who walks in tired from work and may have to enter the kitchen shortly to fix dinner.

8. He must be social and a party animal. Girls have grown to love their social lives.

9. A good father material who can care for their children as much as the mother can.

10. Works out regularly and grooms himself regularly.

11. Respects and cares for her parents because she wants to be there for them. She doesn’t consider herself to be paraaya dhan (someone else’s wealth)

12. Can sink his hands into the sink without thinking twice.

13. Can compete in cooking competitions.

14. Knows how to run the washing machine.

15. Has respect for her femininity and does not look down upon her as the weaker sex.

16. Will value her completely and not just for physical appearance or ability to bear him children.

17. Will not ignore her sexual desires and needs.

18. Man strong enough to hold on to and pursue what he believes in.

19. Good communication skills is the new sexy thing.

20. A man who prides himself in morality so that he can instill moral values in their children.

21. A man who treats his mother with respect because he is more likely to treat his wife and daughters with respect as well.

22. A man who shares similar life goals with her since then he will most likely support her efforts in life.

23. He uses his ears to actually listen to her.

24. Is well-mannered and does not give in to anger easily.

25. Is chivalrous, romantic and does not hesitate to show his affection for her.

26. Should be photogenic because she wants to share his pictures with her on twitter, facebook or instagram.

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