Traffic Cops In Hyderabad Gift Chocolates To Those Wearing Helmets

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3:14 pm 16 Feb, 2016

The Hyderabad Traffic police have come up with a new initiative to promote road safety in the city: gifting a chocolate to those who follow traffic rules and wear helmets.

Those who observe the rules may find a constable rushing to stop them in the middle of the road only to hand them a chocolate.

According to the police, the aim of the program is to create awareness among people to care for their safety.


The program has received good response from commuters. Many people took oath that they will wear helmets for the safety of their lives.

The step taken by the police comes after when other means of enforcement were proved not effective.

According to doctors, riders should ideally wear full-face helmets as they avoid injuries to eyes, nose, jaws and chin, and reduce the risk of facial fractures.

Dinesh Mohan, coordinator of the Transport Research and Injury Prevention Program of an IIT study in Delhi said that studies show that the compulsory use of helmets by two-wheeler riders alone can reduce deaths during accidents by 10-30 per cent.



The risk of death is nearly 2.5 times more among riders not wearing a helmet. Studies show that serious head injuries can happen even at low speeds of 10-15 kmph.

Few years back, Faridabad police too started a similar campaign wherein they distributed crockery items, watches, bouquets, pens, mugs among other items — all colourfully gift-wrapped — to thousands of drivers who followed the traffic rules in Faridabad.


Similarly, last year, traffic cops in Gurgaon thought of an affectionate way to please the law abiding commuters. They conducted a road safety campaign called ‘Respect the road, don’t drink and drive’ programme to aware masses against the ill effects of drunk driving. As part of the campaign, the cops gifted flowers to the commuters who were obeying traffic norms at various locations in the city.

During the odd-even scheme in New Delhi, violators were offered roses by volunteers and ‘Gandhigiri’ was seen at 200 locations in the city.

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