These 8 Indian Towns Have Amusingly Unusual Names

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3:18 pm 1 Jan, 2016

No matter how much you have traveled over India, these towns with their unusual names will surely amaze you:


1. Poo, Himachal Pradesh

This small tribal town in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh is known as Poo. It is famous for its beauty, apricot orchards, almonds and vineyards.

The town is spread over a 7 km radius with population of 1,192. It has been an important trading town since the 11th century. The population is mostly Buddhist and there’s an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Buddha. The town is located on NH 22 that leads up to the international border with China.



2. Kala Bakra, Punjab

Located on the Jalandhar-Pathankot highway in the state of Punjab, this town has a very funny name – Kala Bakra (black sheep). It falls under Bhojpur development block in Jalandhar district, spreading around 454 hectares and has a population of 2,456. Popular Punjabi singer Raj Jujhar belongs to this place!



3. Bettiah, Bihar

Bettiah town is situated near the India-Nepal border and falls in the west Champaran district in Bihar. The name means “girl child” and is an important place for tourism, as it has many palaces and temples.

Popular for sugar, brass and food processing industries, it has a business hub controlled by Marwaris called Lal Bazaar. Durga Bagh Temple, Jangi Masjid and Piuni Bagh Temple are some of the famous places of Bettiah



4. Erode, Tamil Nadu

Erode in Tamil Nadu is located on the banks of River Kaveri. It has been ruled by various prominent kings during the course of its existence, including theearly Pandyas, Cholas, Hyder Ali and the Carnatic Kingdom. Erode is a combination of two words “Eru” and “Odai”, which translates into ‘two streams’.

Fabrics like rugs, which are not only exported to other Indian cities but also to other nations, make this place popular. It produces the maximum amount of turmeric in Tamil Nadu and hence is known as ‘Turmeric City’.



5. Daru, Jharkhand

‘Daru’ means liquor in Hindi and it is also a town’s name located in Hazaribagh district of Jharkhand. This unique name gives a good laugh to whosoever visits or passes by this small town.



6. Chutia, Assam

Chutia is a small place in Assam and owes its nomenclature to a Tibetan-Burmese race that was named Chutia. When the Kamarupa kingdom was declining, this race rose to power. People here protexted against Facebook when the social media site decided to block all accounts that figured Chutia as a nickname. You may find it funny that people have this surname over there.



7. Forbesganj, Bihar

12 km away from Nepal, Forbesganj is a bustling and busy town in Araria district in Bihar. Many people here are involved in the cross-border trade.



8. Kutta, Karnataka

‘Kutta’ means dog in Hindi. This town is the entry point to Nagarhole National Park. Its name gives a good laugh to its visitors.


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