By Walking In Toronto Pride Parade, Justin Trudeau Proved Again Why He Is So Loved By Everyone

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10:50 am 4 Jul, 2016

When he became the Prime Minister of Canada, we highlighted the many reasons Justin Trudeau is cool.

On July 3, in Toronto, Trudeau reaffirmed that he is indeed a man who should be hailed as the world’s ideal leader.

On Sunday, Trudeau became the first sitting prime minister (or head of the state or government) in the world to march with thousands of people in Toronto’s Gay Pride parade. Unofficial count states that there were almost a million people.




Trudeau was seen waving a Canadian maple-leaf flag bordered with a rainbow as he walked almost at the head of the parade.

Thousands cheered and applauded for Trudeau as he walked, shook hands and took selfies with the marchers and onlookers.




Just before the march, the charismatic prime minister joined others in observing a minute of silence for the victims of Orlando massacre.




Of course, the prime minister’s security detail joined him on the march yet it was almost unobtrusive.

This is not the first time Trudeau has participated in a pride parade. He had done it in 2015, too, before he became PM.



But, of course, what Trudeau has done is something no world leader has ever attempted.




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