Top 10 Key Numbers In Biblical Numerology

1:00 pm 14 Sep, 2014

The Biblia Sacra, or the Holy Bible, is the most translated and the most widely read book in the world. In fact, tales from the Bible make it to almost every school’s curriculum across the world. But, do you know that Bible has been a massive source for secret codes? Well, you would know about this if you’ve read Dan Brown’s novels, specifically, the Da Vinci Code. In this list, we shall find out what the top 10 most important Biblical numbers are, and why are they so. So, here we go—

10. One

One of the most important numbers in the Bible, One is used to denote none other than the Almighty Himself—“One true God”. In fact, the 1st Commandment says “Thou shalt have no other gods besides me”. And, in Deuteronomy 6:4, it is said that, “Hear, O Israel: the Lord is our God, the Lord is one”.

Key Numbers In Biblical Numerology

9. Twenty Two

In terms of its usage, twenty two is by far the most arithmetically employed number in the Bible than any other number. First of all, 22 is the number of Hebrew alphabets. Secondly, the Bible can be divided into 3 sections of 22 books each, making 22 indeed a powerful number. Besides, the approximation of it with pi, half the circumference of a circle, can indeed be not ignored.

Key Numbers In Biblical Numerology

8. Forty

Completion or fulfillment, one of the basic requirements to live a “complete” life, is denoted by the number forty. This pious number has been used around 146 times in the New and Old Testaments clubbed together. Besides this, the number has been used in different greater contexts throughout the Bible—for example: Moses stayed on Mt. Sinai for 40 days while receiving God’s law.

Key Numbers In Biblical Numerology

7. Twelve

Like 40, twelve also symbolizes totality and completeness. In fact, in Revelation you’ll find the number being put to multiple uses. Besides, the New “Heaven” Jerusalem is known to have walls being 144 (12×12) cubits thick—symbolizing the 12 Israeli tribes and the 12 Apostles.

Key Numbers In Biblical Numerology

6. Four

Four is yet another number that symbolizes completeness and totality much like 12 and 40. After all, you’ve got 4 angels guarding the 4 corners of the world, and 4 horsemen guiding the Apocalypse.

Key Numbers In Biblical Numerology

5. Ten

If you know at least a bit about the Bible, then you would readily accept the importance of ten in same. After all, 10 were the commandments of the Lord. And, besidesthat, there were 603 more uses of 10 in the Bible. Besides, do you want to see any top 9 list or want to rank something on 11? Yes! It’s psychologically most satisfying number ever!

Key Numbers In Biblical Numerology

4. Six

Think Biblical imperfection, think six. After all, the number 666 is symbolical of the Unholy Trinity, right? Besides, 6 are the number of working days, after which, 7th day, Sunday, is known to be the day of Lord. Hence, 7 is becomes the symbol of Holy Spirit, the antithesis of the Unholy Trinity.

Key Numbers In Biblical Numerology

3. Three

Total completeness, inner peace and sanctity are denoted by the number three. There may be 12 Apostles of Jesus, but of them, three remain his favorite. Besides, Satan tempts Jesus thrice before giving up, while it was on the third day of Creation that Earth was created. Other than these, there remain several other uses of the number throughout the Holy Bible.

Key Numbers In Biblical Numerology

2. Seven

As said earlier, seven is the symbol of God and of the Holy Spirit. Hence, 7 symbolize perfection and completeness. After all, in Revelation, it is said that Lord has 7 spirits whom He refers to as the 7 lamp stands. In fact, 7 and 14 are the two numbers that are spread across the whole Bible so much that the importance of this number won’t be impossible to guess.

Key Numbers In Biblical Numerology

1. Twenty One

If 7 and 14 are two of the most important and sanctified numbers in the Holy Bible, then their sum is also going to be one of the most important numbers ever! Besides, in King James’ Bible, God or Lord is mentioned 10,875 times—the sum of which takes you to the holy number twenty one.

Key Numbers In Biblical Numerology

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