Top 6 Dangerous Parenting Trends

9:30 am 27 Aug, 2013

You thought going under the knife to get that nose (or some bit else) of yours fixed was a dangerous trend? If you did, you are probably not a parent yet, because the most dangerous kinds of fads are streaking around in the Department of Parenting. And there is no stopping them or their wild goose chasers! Here are 6 trends in parenting that deserve the skull-and-bones symbol:

6. CCTVs and herd mentality:

No, we do not mean those white show pieces high up on the poles in public spaces. We mean those women next door who are your “friends” but who carry every word of your parenting techniques to those who are not your friends. What happens next? Blind following of stranger’s ideas. So, she plans to send her son to Starry Playschool for Toddlers … and what do you have? A school-bus full of tots going to the same school from the same block – all in a day’s work! Why, if some could have their ways, they would even copy the bedroom manual of the ‘how’ of having children apart from the ‘how to’ of bringing them up. What may suit one may not the other, as the poor children become objects of experiment that too in the next-door neighbour’s test-tube! Dangerous, this copy-cat mentality!

CCTVs and herd mentality

5. Play-School Push:

Disregarding all child psychology studies and even the doctor’s recommendations, parents are in a hurry to send their wards to play-school. Babies as young as 18 months are spotted in dangerously driving vans shuttling them from home to school to back – all for a couple of hours of play-doh. While the child is still learning to unlearn the gaga-googoo and make sense of his/her surrounding, we push them into stranger climes for which they may not be so ready as yet. And about which they may not even be able to express themselves. But then, do as the neighbor does, especially if moolah is growing on trees enough to afford not just 5-star playschool facilities but a private Honda Accent pick-and-drop facility. With radio, that is!

Play-School Push

4. Application supplication:

As parents continue to get more and more dependent on the applications running in their phones, tablets, etc, the kids are following suit. So we need an iPotty to make them poop, a lullaby one to make them snooze, an ABC app to get them into a school and Einstein’s reincarnation in the app that makes them remember their physics formulae till the exam hall. Role of parents? Certainly no longer about making ‘hissss’ sounds to trigger the trickle in the baby seat, or help solve complex Maths problems over lazy Sunday afternoons. Can over dependence on applications be good for the child? N.O. no – whether across the Atlantic, on the Swiss Alps or closer home! And it isn’t just us saying this to you.

Application supplication

3. Ignoring the adolescent:

We tend to forget that apart from the difficult ‘T’ of the two-three year age group, the ‘T’ of teens is equally tough, and requiring our full attention. However, we just let the adolescents be – to figure out the world on their own, and their sexualities. No sex education in schools, birds and bees and home, and we have a 10 year old asking Mr. Google to help him out. And then the over-indulgent side of yours bought your underage driver a car for his birthday and pocket money the size of a continent. But what about talking to them and lending them your adult ears? More harm than good, this dangerous trend of concentrating all our energies on babies and younger children and ignoring those on the verge of adulthood, were major clouds of confusion usually loom large. Youngsters going astray is news from all parts of the globe. And it doesn’t seem to be their fault.

Ignoring the adolescent

2. Maid for Each other:

This is not the Maid in Manhattan that we are talking about. It’s the one we welcome into our homes and expect to become a foster sister, play-mate, feeder, cleaner and even a foster-parent to our children. The idea of nannies and house-maids taking care of our young ones as we go grab the latest sale, or work, or movies is spreading like wild-fire. A huge chunk of the precious time of growing up is being spent with these care-givers and not parents. And while others may have a trustworthy maid, you may end up with one with questionable intentions or unforgivable habits. Nopes, not to make you paranoid, but reminding you of horror tales these maids are capable of, making this one of the top dangerous trends in Parenting circles.

Maid for Each other

1. Love for Myth-making:

Alright, we can keep the younger parents out of this one. But oh dear Lord, the battalion of elderly “well-wishers” asking us to do weird things in the name of superstition at its best and at its worst too, refuses to ebb even though man had landed on the Moon many times over. While we will not give examples, suffice it to say that anything that reads – don’t bathe, don’t sleep, don’t eat, don’t speak, don’t photograph and don’t breathe under blah-blah baby circumstances cannot be rooted in the love of science, or sense for that matter. More in a certain country, less in the other but epidemically spread, this love for myth-making and perpetuating it with a rolling pin in hand, literally! Perhaps that is why God gave us 2 ears – for the Garbage in Garbage out convenience.

Love for Myth-making

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