Top 5 things to make your girlfriend happy

10:28 am 31 Mar, 2010

Your girlfriend is one of the most precious commodities of your life. Want to make her feel more special and loved? Read this article and discover how can you make your girlfriend happy.

5. When she is upset, hold her tight and tell her how much she means to you:

If she is upset let her fall asleep in your arms as this act can really soothe her. Lean over and quietly whisper in her ears “I’ll be always with you honey“.

Make your girlfriend happy

4. Always say sorry after a fight:

Give her sometime to cool off. Send her chocolates with a touching sorry note. Explain it from your heart because she can mind-read everything. Instinctively put your arms around her, hold her close and say “hey, everything is okay”.

Top 5 things to make your girlfriend happy

3. Give her a cute nickname, she will feel special:

It is very significant way to tell her that she is very special for you. Anything of sort ‘baby’, ‘sweetie’ or ‘honey’ gives your relation a new aspect and show others that it is something only you two understand.

Top 5 things to make your girlfriend happy

2. Go out and make a call to say I love you whether you are busy doing something

Dropping these three words make her feel that you give the attention she seeks, the affection she loves and admiration she desires.

Top 5 things to make your girlfriend happy

1. Hold her hand and stare in her eyes:

Touch is the language of sensation. Do not hesitate whenever you get the chance to hold her hand and staring her eyes. You can notice her hiding blush when you hold her hand beneath the table and give her a you-are-my-angel look.

Make your girlfriend happy

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