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7:09 pm 21 Apr, 2010

5. Charles Dicken’s last story:

The Mystery of Edwin Drood was Charles Dicken’s last novel. It was published in monthly episodes but ended unfinished when Dickens died in 1870.

4. The last silent film:

The Four Feathers (1929) was the last silent film released by a major studio. The 1976 film Silent Movie does contain one word, “Non!” (French for NO), which is spoken by Marcel Marceau, a mime artist.

3. The last Beatles concert:

The Beatles last played together in public at candlestick park, San Francisco, on 29 August 1966. Their last publicly performed song was “Long Tall Sally”.

2. Beethoven’s last symphony:

Ludwig van Beethoven’s ninth Symphony was the last he composed before his death in 1827. He promised the London philharmonic society that he would write his tenth symphony for them, but died before he could begin work on it.

1. Shakespeare’s last play:

Most people agree that The Tempest, 1611, is the last play Shakespeare wrote, although some think he may have written a later play that has been lost. Shakespeare died in 1616 and The Tempest was first published in 1623.

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