Top 5 fashion statements

Without any doubt, impeccable fashion statements are destined to make you look good, keeping aside your size or shape. Continue reading to observe top 5 fashion statements that can create a dynamite-effect in your personality.

5. Watch:

With gadgets surrounding our life, a means to know the time has been the last of our concerns. That doesn’t take away from the fact that a watch is one among popular fashion statements to bring that gravity to your persona that would have people take you seriously.

Top 5 fashion statement: Watch

4. Shoes:

Just because these are last in the category, do not be fooled to place them so in your list of priorities. Some say a person’s true fashion statement is reflected in the shoes he/she wears. There all kinds out there in the market. The key is not to find the right fit anymore, make sure you are wearing the right one with the right clothes.

Top 5 fashion statement: Shoe

3. Handbag:

Till a few years ago, this fashion statement was the domain of the female population. Now that the men have realized they need just as much space to carry their world around, they want to do it in style. Never forget to step out of the house without a handbag to suit the occasion. Its one accessory that give just as much comfort as it does style.

Top 5 fashion statement: Handbag

2. Perfume:

Many people find it unnecessary to be spending almost a fortune on fragrances. To them I’d say, think again. You are preceded by your aura. If you can give people something nice to remember about you, let a nice-smelling memory be one.

Top 5 fashion statement: Perfume

1. Sunglasses:

It’s an essential element in the list of fashion statements that glamorize your look. On a routine day, go simple with everything else and hit the road with them on your eyes. Don’t be surprised if you are making heads turn.

Top 5 fashion statement: Sunglasses

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