Top 10 young inventors

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1:19 pm 13 Nov, 2010

A curious kid looking through a keyhole, the keyhole of nature, trying to know what’s going on. Explore this list of Topyaps covering ten young notable inventors.

10. Taylor Hernadez:

In 2005, this baby girl of 10 year claimed the prestigious “Chester Awards” for inventing the “Magic Sponge Blocks”. Resident of Cincinnati, Ohio, she stacked the building blocks using sponge which was controlled by embedded magnets.

9. Austin Meggitt:

This American schoolboy was nine when he invented a device for carrying a baseball bat, ball and glove safely on the handlebars of a bicycle. In 2000, he received U.S. patent no. 6,029,874. In 2008, his product Battie Caddy was launched in the market as commercially available product.

8. John J. Stone-Parker:

In 1989, when John was only four years old, he invented a star shaped gadget to prevent ice from slipping out of a drinking glass. He is the youngest ever holder of a patent.

7. Walter Lines:

Ground breaker in the toy industry, he started his toy business when he was merely 14 year old. Founding father of Britain’s major toy manufacturing company – “Triang Toys”, he is also credited with inventing scooter at the age of 15.

6. Chester Greenwood:

Greenwood of Farmington, Mine, USA was aged 15 in 1873 when he invented earmuffs. He started Greenwood’s ear protector factory and made a fortune by supplying his product to the US soldiers during World war I.

5. Frank Epperson:

The popsicle or ice lolly was invented by 11 year old Frank Epperson of San Fransisco, California, in 1905. He had the idea when he left a fruit drink out during a freezing winter night and originally called it the Epsicle. He did not apply for a patent until 1923, by which time his son had renamed it Popsicle.

4. Peter Chilvers:

Chilvers was 12 when he invented boardsailing (windsurfing) in 1958 off Hayling island, UK. Chilvers was also involved with the “Lotus Cars”, racing car manufacturing company of Britain.

3. Louis Braille:

Considered as one of the most celebrated phenomenon in the world of blinds, he himself was blind but invented the raised-dot writing mechanism for blind people at the early age of 15. His invention was known as Braille system which is used by moving the fingers over dotted characters.

2. Charles Babbage:

Babbage was 19 when he first thought of the idea of the mechanical computer. This iconic mathematician came up with his crank driven computer but failed to construct it due to some financial and complex mechanical problems. However, it was completed in London after 153 years in 2002 with a massive structure.

1. Horatio Adams:

Adams was only 16 when he assisted his father, Thomas, in his experiments with chicle, the dried sap of a Mexican jungle tree. This led to the invention of chewing gum.

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