Top 10 Worst Ways to Kill Time on Facebook

1:20 pm 22 Apr, 2013

Using Facebook is fun and productive (to some degree) for the first few weeks. Few days, that’s all! When you’re done checking out the pictures of newborns, quotes, trolls and information rich pages on astrology, science, travel and what-not, all you can do is kill time! Like everything else in our lives, some people are better than the rest when it comes to wasting time doing things on Facebook that neither make them happy nor help them pass time! Listed below are the top 10 worst ways to kill time on Facebook:

10. Participate in Verbal Bouts:

One of the worst ways to kill time on Facebook is to participate in verbal bouts. There are people who post more than 100 comments a day on pictures, status updates and videos shared by sick page admins for whom the sole agenda is to create a controversy and piss you off (so that you comment and share it with others who you think can comment).

Participate in Verbal Bouts -  Worst Ways to Kill Time on Facebook

9. Remind Your Friends (Every Day) to play the Game YOU Like:

If you’ve been sending game requests to dozens of your friends every day, you need to stop doing it right away or they’ll block you one day! Yes, even your close friends won’t hesitate to kick you out from their news feed or turn auto-reject such requests. Play chess, FarmVille or anything else on Facebook but don’t kill time by sending hundreds of requests every day!

play the game -  Worst Ways to Kill Time on Facebook

8. Comment on Posts That Have 100s Comments Already:

People comment on posts to either present an opinion or rip someone off. Fine; you can vomit on any post on Facebook. But, nobody is going to read it. No one but you and others like you. Next time you notice a stupid or provocative status update by a page admin, take a deep breath and move on.

Comment on Posts  -  Worst Ways to Kill Time on Facebook

7. Read Every Status Update:

The most dramatic stuff in people’s lives ends up on Facebook. If you spend an hour in the morning and another in the evening scanning through the entire news feed, you really need to get a life! If killing time is all you want to do, stop reading status updates of hundreds of your friends! While those frowning and moaning will make you feel superior, others doing great (vacation in Paris, new car, hot girlfriend, big mansion, expensive gadget or new business) will make you hate your life! That’s not what you want, do you?

Read Every Status Update -  Worst Ways to Kill Time on Facebook

6. Tag Dozen Friends in One of Your Pictures:

People who’ve been on Facebook for at least 6 months or more detest everyone (yes, everyone) who tags them in random (sometimes lame) pictures. No, you won’t be the center of attention for all your batch-mates if you upload a picture of your college and tag 50 guys (predominantly opposite sex) in it. Stop acting like a Facebook newbie and do something creative if you really want people to notice or ping every time you go online!

Tag Dozen Friends -  Worst Ways to Kill Time on Facebook

5. Thank Everyone Who Liked One of Your Pictures

Okay, you’re grateful to all the people who spent a second or two on hitting the Like button on one of your pictures. You should be grateful. But, that does not mean you tag each one in comments and type ‘thank you tom,’ ‘thank you dick,’ or ‘thank you harry.’ A ‘thank you’ not followed by your Facebook pal’s name is lame too. Why would you spend several minutes of your time thanking dozens of friends individually on Facebook? If you just want to spend time, why not just check others’ pictures. Let in some air. It wasn’t gratitude. It was self-obsession.

4. Subscribe to 100s of Pages:

Not many Facebook users pick pages relevant to their interests. If you subscribe to 10s of pages every day, you’ll most likely be ‘killing time’ by scrolling up and down to find stuff that you actually want to see. What’s the point of subscribing to every local, regional and national newspaper, for example?

Subscribe to 100s of Pages -  Worst Ways to Kill Time on Facebook

03. Send Friend Requests to People You Never Talked to in Real Life:

This one’s a classic. After leaving school, college or university, a large number of Facebook users (predominantly boys), send friend requests to classmates they never talked to in their real lives! Since you never were friends in ‘real life,’ it’s pointless to hope you can really be friends with a girl or a boy by socializing online.

Send Friend Requests to People -  Worst Ways to Kill Time on Facebook

2.  Work Really Hard to Present Yourself as Someone You Are Not:

Most people online are not even 40% as awesome as they appear in their Facebook profiles. There are some exceptions, but such people certainly are a minority. It’s of no use to spend time on changing your display or cover picture, relationship status and the tricky ‘about me’ section every now and then. It doesn’t help, really!

Work Really Hard to Present Yourself  -  Worst Ways to Kill Time on Facebook

1.  Stalk Your Ex:

This one’s a classic! Checking your ex’s wall 10 times a day is a sign of sheer stupidity. Many people (applicable to both genders), unable to move on, spend enormous time checking status updates, pictures and even ordinary shares (news stories, for example) of their ex-partners. This isn’t killing time. This is killing-yourself.

Stalk Your Ex -  Worst Ways to Kill Time on Facebook

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