Top 10 Worst Books To Have Reached The Best Seller List

11:07 am 5 Sep, 2013

It is well known that “literature” and “best sellers” are two categories that rarely ever come together in a book. Most of the stuff that sells is pulp fiction fluff. It’s written to be sold and not to be a great piece of writing. But despite that, some of the popular fiction books that make it to the best seller lists are still good enough books. They might not be literature but they are well written with a tight storyline and good characterization. But sometimes a book comes along that is so rubbish that you want to throw it at the writer for wasting valuable hours of your life. Here are such top 10 worst books to have reached the best seller list.

10. The Partner:

The Partner is a novel by John Grisham who tends to write only about lawyers. While some of his early works were pretty good and helped him get famous, his later works started getting to derivative of the earlier novels. The Partner is a novel where the writer is trying desperately to write like himself so as to make a hit and what boggles the mind is that it worked.

The Partner

9. The Celestine Prophecy:

The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield is neither a good novel nor a good philosophical treatise. It’s an attempt by the author to spread his new age spirituality through the medium of story telling. Unfortunately he fails in both. The book however did very well and spent 165 weeks on the New York Times Best Sellers List.

The Celestine Prophecy

8. Jonathon Livingston Seagull:

Jonathon Livingston Seagull is another spiritual/philosophical book. It was written by Richard Bach in 1970 as a novella and went on to become a best seller. But the book is very poorly written and the story itself is not very good. The spiritual ideas are the same as the New Age positivity stuff that you can find in The Secret and the rest of them.

Jonathon Livingston Seagull

7. Nimitz Class:

Patrick Robinson published this naval thriller in 1997. It went on to become a best seller. The book is a copy of Tom Clancy’s writing style which is sad because Clancy is not known as a great writer himself. He in fact just missed being on this list as he’s also one of those writers who produce best sellers that are not even worth reading.

Nimitz Class

6. The Twilight Saga:

The Twilight Saga novels are better than the movies, which is to say that the movies are even worse than the novels. The worst thing about this chick lit romance is the story which revolves around this pathetic girl who just wants to get a boyfriend. Stephenie Meyer has even found a way to make werewolves and vampires uncool.

The Twilight Saga

5. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari:

Robin Sharma’s pseudo spiritual novel is full of crap. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari fails at every level as a novel and as advice to those who are seeking fulfillment in life. All these self help books try to offer advice that is generic and can’t help anyone in their specific problems. It’s really sad because such books just use people’s desperation as a market.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

4. 50 Shades of Grey:

The 50 Shades books are all very badly written. This is a case of popularity leading to more popularity. For some reason the first book which was a self published eBook got famous which led to a publishing contract and even more sales of a crappy book. At best it can be described as cheap erotica but it definitely didn’t deserve to be a best seller.

50 Shades of Grey

3. The Secret:

The king of the new age spiritual self help books has to be The Secret. The secret is that positive thinking will solve all your problems. The book is based on the concept of Law of Attraction and teaches you how to think your problems away and how to manifest the future that you want. Apart from being total crap as advice it also fails as a book.

The Secret

2. Sidney Sheldon:

Instead of choosing a book we have two writers in the top two positions on this list. This is because everything these writers wrote was full of crap. Incidentally these are also two of the most selling authors in the world. Sidney Sheldon, may his soul rest in piece, wrote chick lit fiction with bad prose and poor characters that always followed the same plot. Everybody is filthy rich and super gorgeous and has sex with anyone they want all the time in his world. This combination of sex, wealth and amoral characters helped him become the seventh best selling fiction writer of all time.

Sidney Sheldon

1. Danielle Steel:

Giving company to Sidney Sheldon at the top of the worst best selling authors is Danielle Steel, who is the best selling author alive right now and the fourth best selling author of all time. You can imagine the quality of her books from the fact that she writes multiple books every year and sometimes is handling up to five different projects at the same time. She follows the same formula as Sidney Sheldon and writes about rich, gorgeous, amoral people having sex with each other and screwing each other in other ways as well.

Danielle Steel

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