Top 10 Workout Songs

8:23 am 8 Oct, 2013

Music is a great motivator. A fast paced loud song can pump you up in any situation. This makes music a very good partner in the gym. Some songs just pump you up with a fast tempo and heavy guitar riffs while other songs can inspire you to go that extra mile with motivating lyrics. For some reason hip hop and metal works best when it comes to workout songs. The rhythm of these songs also helps you match your workout to the rhythm and makes it easier to do more reps than you are used to.

10. Break Stuff, Limp Bizkit:

Limp Bizkit has many heavy songs that can pump you up for a workout but there’s nothing better than Break Stuff. The song is aggressive and the lyrics are full of frustration and angst. It helps you get into that mood where you are ready to take on anything or anybody. Listen to this song before your workout and it will pump you up for a lot of heavy lifting.

9. Memory Remains, Metallica:

Metallica have been both loved and hated by metal fans. Some of their songs are melodic and gained commercial popularity while others are more “metallic”. Memory Remains is one of their most popular songs and it is a great song to workout to. Hetfield’s vocals and Hammett’s guitars will definitely pump you up.

8. Bullets, Creed:

Creed is one of my favorite bands ever. Their songs can be very melodic yet very heavy at the same time. Bullets is one of the heaviest songs that doesn’t turn into noise. The starting of the song builds up slowly and as you listen to it you’ll feel your own motivation building up inside you.

7. Iron Man, Black Sabbath:

The fathers of metal have outlasted many other metal bands and their latest album has shown that they still are the best when it comes to heavy rock. Iron Man is one of their first greatest songs and it is a great workout songs. It starts off slowly and builds up towards the end. The drums and guitars at the end will help you stay motivated during your workout.

6. Did My Time, Korn:

Korn is a great band to listen to while working out and Did My Time is one of their best songs. It is very loud and heavy and the riffs are catchy and inspiring but the vocals are the secret weapon of this song. As you listen to the song you’ll find yourself getting a boost in your energy so that you can continue working out.

5. One Step Closer, Linkin Park:

Linkin Park have evolved a lot from their nu metal beginning. Even if you don’t like their recent albums, the first few albums are very heavy and great for putting in your workout playlist. They are one band that will give you the most number of workout songs as all of their initial stuff is great for pumping up. One Step Closer is just one of their great songs including, Breaking the Habit, Faint, Papercut, Crawling; the list is just too long.

4. Cryin Like a Bitch, Godsmack:

Godsmack have become my favorite metal bands of recent times. All their albums are great and The Oracle is the best album ever. Cryin Like a Bitch, is the first song of this album and it is made for working out. Larkin’s drums feel as if someone is practicing on a punching bag. There’s a UFC video that goes very well with the song and is a great motivation for working out.

3. Back in Black, AC/DC:

Back in Black is very good song to pump up to. AC/DC are heavy and loud without being noisy. The lyrics of this song will also help you to motivate yourself to go back to the gym and work out. It is a good song to listen to if you’ve been missing gym for a few days.

2. Eye of the Tiger, Survivor:

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor is the only non metal, non hip hop song in this list and it makes this list because of Rocky. The song has become an anthem and whenever you listen to it you can see Sylvester Stallone running around in his grey tracksuit. The song has become iconic and manages to pump you up every time you listen to it.

1. Lose Yourself, Eminem:

There are many great hip hop songs that will motivate you and pump you up but there is no better motivational song than Lose Yourself. It is probably the best song ever written by Eminem. The lyrics are amazing and you should listen to it not only before working out but whenever you feel down in life. It will motivate you and prepare you for anything. You should always remember the line that the song ends with, “you can do anything you set your mind to, man”.

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