Top 10 Weirdest Facebook Apps

9:37 am 6 Jun, 2013

The blue social media giant is coming with more and more entertaining apps for its users.  Zuckerberg knows how to keep the social media users engaged after they are done playing with old apps. Facebook apps add spice to your social connections, and even help you organizing all the stuff you uploaded through your profile. There is no limit of what a Facebook app can do using your personal data and activities. However, there are many apps which you would find weird and strange. Many of them do not even make sense, but the still enjoy much popularity. No wonder, weirdness has its own fun. We just prepared a list of top 10 weirdest Facebook apps, which you might like to try out for a change.


10. Take This Lollipop:

Started only as a social experiment, ‘Take This Lollipop’ has turned out to be one of the fastest growing Facebook apps with millions liking it right after it was launched before last Halloween. Put together by video creator Jason Zada, the app gives you the scare of your life – the kind one would get while watching a horror movie where people stumble upon their photos and personal information in the video.

Take This Lollipop - Weirdest Facebook Apps

9. Ask Paul the Octopus!

Taken out of real life Paul the Octopus, who correctly predicted the results of important games at the 2010 Football World Cup, the Octopus on this Facebook App appears on your screen, giving you an opportunity to ask intelligent or stupid questions in the same breath. Don’t expect the answer to be straightforward or logical and that is where the fun lies, giving it the popularity it has attained.

Ask Paul the Octopus - Weirdest Facebook Apps

8. Bang with Friends:

Facebook helps you find friends, but what if you are searching for friends who happen to be down for the night? The naughty app claims to keep your identity hidden, and when you log in, a page serves up with profile pictures of the opposite sex or whatever your preference is listed out. Don’t ask what criteria to apply at the base of selection.

Bang with Friends - Weirdest Facebook Apps

7. If I Die:

It hit a high road the day it was launched with the download count crossing the 80,000 mark on day one. This app lets you post farewell messages on your wall that will appear for real posthumously. All you have to do is to install the free app and choose three Facebook friends who would verify your eventual death so as to activate the posthumous messaging. Here you can record videos or craft any number of statuses updates that ironically get posted after you are dead.

If I Die - Weirdest Facebook Apps

6. Places I’ve Pooped:

Sharing scenic places one has visited is common, events held in families, funny moments with friends are loaded on nearly all personal Facebook pages but this one goes out of the way to share places where one has pooped. Interestingly, this very personal nature’s call Facebook App is very popular as it gets populated with all the toilet places where one has crapped poop. Surely you could join the tribe.

Places I’ve Pooped - Weirdest Facebook Apps

5. God Wants You to Know:

May be Saint Mark attempted to use Facebook app instead of deep mediation to talk to God for confiding in Him all sins and seeking forgiveness through prayers. This app leads your voice right into the wall of God and fetches suitable replies. Solace to some, but amusing to many, one actually receives messages of prayers and abiding by the faith as they were coming out directly from God’s repertoire.

God Wants You to Know - Weirdest Facebook Apps

4. Pot Farm:

Getting a fix of dope in a god forsaken place where you will not physically get it is what this Facebook app offers to provide a desperate user in emergency situations. No arm of law will catch up and you could live your dream of cultivating the contraband marijuana, smuggle it, smoke it or just trade it. The weird app gets popular by the day.

Pot Farm - Weirdest Facebook Apps

3. Amateur Surgeon Hospital:

It looks like this weird app is just made for vicarious psychopaths. It allows you to conduct surgeries without being a qualified doctor, as being in an illegal hospital with blood splattered all around. You could attempt this bloodshed on your wall, if you like.

Amateur Surgeon Hospital - Weirdest Facebook Apps

2. Kill Switch:

It’s a slow killer to eliminate your ex-girlfriend from your Facebook entirely. It sounds like a psychological weapon, designed for vengeance or to assist you when erasing memories isn’t easy and you just can’t bring yourself to do it. It was launched a few days before Valentine’s Day in 2013. Now, that surely is mischievous.

Kill Switch - Weirdest Facebook Apps

1. Love Percentage:

This app is weird and yet is popular for it was able to fool most of those who used it. It calculates love values, which users thought were analyzed using their Facebook activities and personal profile information. But the real trick was that it showed up a percentage of 90 percent and more for most of users. One finally realizes that you aren’t that lovely actually!

Love Percentage - Weirdest Facebook Apps

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