Top 10 Weird Auctions Ever

8:30 am 29 Aug, 2013

In the past many years, there have been numerous instances on various e-commerce sites and other platforms where weird products were auctioned among the interested participants. The items reflected so much idiocy that rarely anyone believed in them at the first go. But, as people placed bids, sometimes obnoxiously high, everyone were left dumbstruck. Listed below are top 10 weird auctions ever:

10. Iceland for Sale:

It was in October 2008, that netizens were surprised to find Iceland (the nation) on auction online. The bidding initiated at a price of 99 pence jumped to $17.28 within couple of days. Hilariously, around 84 bids were pitched in by almost 26 anonymous bidders. There are seriously no limits to what a person can think about.

Iceland for Sale

9. A Dollar for a Sports Car:

During an interview with supermodel Jodie Marsh in 2004, Tim Shaw expressed his feelings for the lady on air, oblivious of the fact that his wife and children were glued on to the radio at that very moment. It was then that his wife decided to quit an already strained relationship and teach him a lesson by selling his most favorite possession – his sports car for just a Dollar. The car was sold off within 5 minutes. Whoop! Whoop! This is called an auction.

A Dollar for a Sports Car

8. Ghostly Auction:

Rarely does such an auction find the light of the day. It was back in September 2010 that a person named Martin Fawcett put his friendly ghost on auction. This wasn’t the only thing he wanted to auction as the winning bid was also promised to receive a glass jar – ghost’s home. Later on, after eBay managerial board member’s brainstormed (may be for the first time), the auction was taken off the site.

Ghostly Auction

7. Elvis Presley’s Stained Underwear:

It’s more of a riddle than anything else. Who would ever want to own a soiled pair of under wear? Not me, at least! However, this unique option was staged at Omega Auction House in September 2012. The reserve price was $11,000 but the maximum bid could only reach $8,000. Alas, the wonderful underwear found no takers. Elvis was great. But, his underwear? Come on!

Elvis Presley’s Stained Underwear

6. Food menus from the Titanic:

There were two menus from the disaster-prone vessel Titanic on sale for a huge sum of around $160,450. Nevertheless, the auctioneer got the historical facts all wrong as the menus were actually part of dinner listings used at Grand Central Hotel prior to ship’s departure.

Food menus from the Titanic

5. The Letter to God:

A handwritten letter by legendary physicist/scientist Albert Einstein in which he challenged the idea of God went for auction at about $ 3 million on eBay. The letter gained fame for being the revolutionary scientist’s last views on religion and God.

The Letter to God

4. New Zealand for Sale:

It can either be described as a silly prank (though, all pranks are foolish!) or height of nonsensical stupidity; a person in Brisbane, Australia offered New Zealand for sale through an auction on eBay. Interestingly, just after some hours, the person received 22 bids for his product and the bid price was floating at $3,000. It was only after the Foreign Ministry of the country got involved that auction was called off later. Nothing can get weirder than this, really.

New Zealand for Sale

3. Jar with Brangelina’s Exhale:

It may sound dubious but the story is entirely true. A jar was carried to the premier of Brangelina’s movie named Mr. and Mrs. Smith just in order to catch hold of their breath. The promoters boasted that the celebrity couple actually exhaled in the jar while passing through it on the red carpet. To top it all, the jar was auctioned at $530. Thank God, the world didn’t end that day.

Jar with Brangelina’s Exhale

2. Britney’s Used Chew Gum:

eBay did it again. This time – it was pop star Britney’s used chewing gum. The chewing gum was spat out by the celebrity singer after one of her shows. Amusingly, the chewing gum was sold for $14,000 dollars. But, how come the seller was so much sure about the authenticity of the gum being spit from Britney’s mouth?  The story is such a crap to believe in but regrettably a truth.

Britney’s Used Chew Gum

1. Sandwich with Unusual Faces:

Although, eBay is known all sorts of weird auctions, this one stands out from the rest in the league; comfortably. Hilarious it may sound but a sandwich with an image of Virgin Mary appearing on its surface was sold at an astounding price of $28,000 in November 2004. To make the matters worse, the sandwich had been partially eaten as well.

Sandwich with Unusual Faces

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