Top 10 Websites that every Geek Must Follow

2:00 pm 13 Mar, 2013

Most of you geeks out there already follow your favorite websites, but considering the number of new geeks adding to the internet on a regular basis, it becomes important to inform about some websites which are must read and follow for all new and old geeks on the internet. Here listed below are top 10 websites that every geek must follow:

10. HacknMod:

Since its inception in 2006, HacknMod has been dedicated at featuring the best hacks and mods and DIY projects found on the internet. HacknMod is one of the largest communities of hack and mods, where users can see tutorials and step-by-step video instructions to learn how to hack and mod for themselves. If you are a geek with some DIY skills HacknMod is the site for you.

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9. Damn Geeky:

A new entrant into the geek world, Damn Geeky has become a good online resource for all things geeks love. Everything awesome on the web which associates itself with geek culture and geeks can ever imagine about can be found on Damn Geeky. Damn Geeky covers a range of eye-popping products and new technologies from a geek’s perspective. Besides covering new launches Damn Geeky has a mission to write long-form feature articles that can make a lasting impression.

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Damn Geeky

8. AnandTech:

Something that started as a hobby in 1997, as Anand’s Hardware Tech Page is now grown to one of internets most reckoned tech website called the Anand Tech. Anand Tech is a website with focus on technology and computer hardware. It is one stop destination for all geeks looking for information on latest and most promising computer hardware and technologies.

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Anand Tech

7. Lifehacker:

The tagline ‘tips and downloads for getting things done’; very ably defines what Lifehacker is all about. Part of Gawker Media, Lifehacker is a site for all geeks who love to know what other geeks like themselves are up to. Lifehacker is also a website which provides tips and suggestion on how to hack, mod or make a certain things geeks love.

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6. The Verge:

One of the fastest recognized blog in the field of consumer gadgets and technologies, The Verge was founded in November 2011 in partnership with Vox Media. The Verge features all the latest technology news and gadgets comprehensively, but also covers other topics ranging from science and art to culture. Any geek looking for one stop destination for his geekdom can find it here.

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The Verge

5. Gizmodo:

Well known amid geeks for its up-to-date coverage of consumer goods and latest trending technologies on the Internet, Gizmodo is considered one of the best websitest for geeks. Gizmodo was launched in 2002 as part of the Gawker Media. Besides new launches, Gizmodo also covers topics ranging from design and science to space.

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4. Cracked:

One of America’s amazing humor websites, Cracked is a destination for all geeks who like a tinge of humor in the read. Cracked has abundance of funny videos and articles written by seasoned writers with a knack of playing with words. Geeks can enjoy the articles and videos on Cracked which can be a productive time pass.

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3. Engadget:

Engadget is one of the first websites to report about anything new in the tech world. Founded by Peter Rojas in collaboration with Weblogs Inc in March 2004, Engadget is chiefly know for in-depth coverage of, and detailed reviews on all new launched gadgets and technologies. Engadget is now a part of AOL and it has a blog network of ten ‘blogs’.

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2. Wired:

Wired is a regularly updated online magazine, which is regarded as a technology news and review powerhouse on the Internet. Revered highly for it in-depth reports on how technology affects culture, economy, and politics, Wired is also one of the best websites at reviewing gadgets and new technologies with thorough journalistic approach, which makes it a hit with geeks.

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1. CNET:

If you are a geek looking for a review for a gadget you want, CNET is the place to be. Founded sometime in 1994 by Halsey Minor and Shelby Bonnie, CNET has since been one of the finest technology news websites on the Internet. CNET feature comprehensive reviews and crispy news on consumer gadgets and latest technologies.

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