Top 10 Ways To Travel Cheaply

8:37 am 21 Aug, 2013

Almost every one of us loves wandering around in the new locations searching for new pleasures and stimulation. But, the only worry that bogs us down is the large amount of expenses that would be incurred in the due process. Nevertheless, we should all know that with a wise strategy we can all cut down on the extra dollars required in our sojourn. A far-sighted strategy can save you many precious dollars and double your excitement. Here are top 10 ways to travel cheaply.

10. Plan the travel days judiciously:

The flight, bus or train tickets cost more when the demand exceeds supply. One should always plan his journey smartly and avoid weekends for travels. But foolishly, most of us find Sundays to be real ‘Fundays’ – so we plan accordingly. However, the days of weekend – Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are better suited for anyone looking out for cheap flights. Sundays are costliest for domestic flights and Saturdays for international ones. Also, the weekend rush can be more of a spoiler.

Plan the travel days judiciously

9. Search for discounts:

You should search for the discounts available in the place of travel. You can avail large discounts by booking your hotel stay and taxi rides in the country through various schemes that are available from time to time online. Also, bargaining is the best ploy that will save many of your precious dollars. Learn to master the art of healthy bargain.

Search for discounts

8. House- sitting job:

House-sitting is becoming a global phenomenon of late. Some states in America and countries such as Costa Rica offer house–sitting facilities for travelers without any rent charge. You are required to take care of the house while the owners are away. You can even be asked to take care of their pets. Some people even offer salaries. While starting with your journey in the place of your choice do search the site named Housesitworld in order to know if that destination also provides any such kind of opportunities.

House- sitting job

7. Carry less in your bag-pack:

With the increase in charges for checking bags on the security counter at airports worldwide it’s always advised that you don’t over pack. This will only result in shedding out more dollars for extra weight. Also, heavy luggage is an obstacle during long travels especially when you are needed to walk long distances on foot.

Carry less in your bag-pack

6. Plan off-season:

The best time to plan your journey is in the off-seasons. This is the time, the places are found less crowded with tourists and the charges for food and lodging facilities are also much reasonable than otherwise. It’s all about touring most of the famous landmarks of the place at minimum spend and it shouldn’t matter if the places are less crowded during off-seasons.

Plan off-season

5. Earn some, teach English:

Surprising it may appear at first but it’s a truth. You would be more amused to know especially if your touring destinations for this summer are Italy and Spain or even South Korea you can travel and earn both at the same time. There are certain rural areas in these countries (of course there are many others) which offer lodging facilities and pay well in return of some English teaching lessons. Most of the tourists from Australia and America get their trips almost completely sponsored through this dollar earning opportunity.

Earn some, teach English

4. More the head count, the better:

You should always plan a visit along with your friends only if you don’t want to measure the length and breadth of the place in solitary. With an increased number of people accompanying, you are in a better state to divide equally the hotel, taxi and miscellaneous rents. This brings down your traveling cost significantly.

More the head count, the better

3. Live as the locals live:

Travel is not about eating out and staying in the best resorts/hotels of the place. In fact, you can save significantly if you plan your lunches and dinners wisely. There are plentiful choices available in every city where the host provide the facility of using their mess and cooking own food. Always banks on such hotels. Grocery shopping can save you quite a number of bucks. And, the bucks  are something you need to have in plenty when traveling.

Live as the locals live

2. Rural locations:

Generally, most of the urbane locations in any city are thronged by a large number of tourists and therefore, the prices quoted by the shop keepers and hotels are sky high. The real beauty lies in the rural hinterlands of any country. They are rich in virgin and exotic locations which actually define the real culture of any country. Also, you aren’t required to spend much in visiting these areas.

Rural locations

1. Find a friend:

Nothing is more advisable than to locate a friend in the part of the world you are planning to visit. You can search out your old contacts or learn about some new ones through your friends. Such a friend can save a lot on your cab and lodging expenses. And, he can double up as your city-guide.

Find a friend

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