Top 10 Ways To Spot A Gay

11:49 am 18 Oct, 2013

Is your guy in awe of himself? Does he love himself more than anything else? If the answer is yes, then there is something alarming about the situation. You really need to check him if he has the symptoms of being gay. Well, the point is that you cannot spot a gay man just by looking at him; you have to be really observant. So, the next time you see a guy being clingy in a sisterly way towards you, scrutinize him thoroughly. Though being gay is in fashion there are still men who are born with a natural interest in guys. So, if you don’t want your heart to be broken and you want to date a man who is actually interested in you and doesn’t treat you as a trophy wife/girlfriend, be sure to check on his sexual orientation. The signs that gay men give are very ordinary and you really have to have an eye of a detective to distinguish them. Scroll down to have a look at the 10 ways, which will help you in spotting a gay.

10. He has more than 5 pair of shoes:

If your guy owns more than five pair of shoes, then there is something fishy about him. Usually men have only three pair of shoes, one for their jogging and the other two for their office and normal wear. Men hardly think about what they are wearing on their feet. If your guy loves the shoe shopping, then there are many chances that he is not straight. Always keep in mind that every man with a large collection of footwear is also not gay. As I mentioned earlier, you have to be really observant and don’t ever judge him on a single point.

He has more than 5 pair of shoes

9. He loves bright colors:

Is your guy always shopping for bright colored things? Does he love wearing the pink shirts pretty often? If yes, then you really have to know his sexual orientation. It is always said that men love the dark colors, they are most comfortable in black or white. Gay men have a knack of colors and you can make that out very easily. So, the next time you go for shopping with your guy, keep looking at the colors he is picking up for himself!

He loves bright colors

8. He loves anal sex:

A real man loves to make her woman feel the pleasure and not have the anal sex in which the pleasure is just for the man. If your guy is constantly telling you to have anal sex with him, then there are many chances of him being gay. If he asks for it only once in a while then don’t misjudge his sexual orientation, maybe he wants to try out something new!

He loves anal sex

7. Orders in the bar:

This is yet another very useful sign to judge if your guy is a gay or not. Keep an eye on him while he is ordering drinks at a bar. No straight man orders a cocktail for himself rather he will prefer something on the rocks or occasionally a beer. If your man is asking the waiter to bring a sex on the beach for him, you really need to worry!

Orders in the bar

6. Notice him while he is talking to his friends:

Most gay men never talk about cars or engines with their buddies; they prefer discussing the colors, ambience and the weather. Notice your guy while he is having a conversation with his friends, if you find him uncomfortable or not interested in the talks going on then you need to check on his sexual orientation as soon as possible.

Notice him while he is talking to his friends

5. Body language:

Body language is the easiest way to make out if a guy is a gay. Straight men never use their hands in different positions while talking. On the other hand you will notice that gay men usually use their hands a lot while they are trying to explain something. There will be an overall cuteness in their gestures and conversations.

Body language

4. He loves watching wrestling:

It’s not always when a man likes wrestling he is a gay but there are chances that he could be one. Well, if you see, wrestling is a game where two men covered with sweat are touching and punching each other. This can be a fantasy for any gay man in this world. The only way to make out his sexual orientation is by observing his expressions. If he is too intense while watching wrestling, you have a thing to find out!

He loves watching wrestling

3. Gossip:

Men don’t have a habit of gossiping, it is purely a woman’s job. If your man is talking to you about some other person and he actually seems to be interested in his life, then there are chances that he is not straight.


2. He is always talking about gay rights:

Once in a while is okay but if your guy is constantly talking about gay rights and how much he supports them, then you have something to worry about. Most of the gay guys never openly talk about their sexual orientation but are always supporting their brothers/sisters!

He is always talking about gay rights

1. He cares about his appearance:

If your man is spending too much time in front of the mirror then there are chances that he is not straight. Men never take too long to get ready for a party but gay men always take more time as they have to make everything perfect in their appearance.

He cares about his appearance


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