Top 10 Ways to Maximise Happiness in Your Life

5:55 am 12 Apr, 2013

Happiness is nothing but a feeling; a state of mind. It comes from our own actions. Sometimes, it sneaks in unannounced and sometimes we have to pursue it using our mind and heart. But most of the time, happiness eludes us. Don’t worry for here are top 10 ways to maximise happiness in life.


10. Stop comparing:

Each person is unique and any comparison between you and that neighbour, classmate or distant friend isn’t going to do any good. Each of us has our own battles to fight and judging ourselves on a scale on which someone else is excelling isn’t the right thing to do. The colleague‘s shiny new car might be the cause of envy but that doesn’t really mean you should buy yourself one or remain unhappy.

Stop comparing - Ways to Maximise Happiness in Your Life

9. Choose your friends wisely:

You can’t pick and choose your family but you can certainly and proactively stay away from people who spread negativity. A little optimism doesn’t hurt anyone but a little pessimism could certainly be the cause of havoc. Stay around people who share smiles and keep your distance from ones who are always in the dumps and get you down there as well.

Choose your friends wisely - Ways to Maximise Happiness in Your Life

8. Discover your ‘Happy Place’:

We all have one of those. Some of us might not be aware that we have one. Self-discovery is the key here. Give it a thought and I am sure you’ll find that one place which soothes your soul and makes you happy. It could be at the beach, in the hills or just a quiet corner of your home. Once you find it, keep visiting and always try to remember it when you are sad.

Discover your 'Happy Place' - Ways to Maximise Happiness in Your Life

7. Leave work at work:

Don’t bring homework from your workplace. Work is something which expands itself to take up all the available time. So, be clear with your approach and don’t bring it home unless you want it to clutter your mind and soul. Instead, spend some quality time with your family while you’re at home. Light moments with loved ones will sure play a role in converting a stressful day to a happy one.

Leave work at work - Ways to Maximise Happiness in Your Life

6. Follow your hobby:

Indulge in things you like to do. Read a book, play a game, paint, sketch, bake – whatever brings you closer to your own self. It is true that people who indulge in a hobby are happier than those who don’t have time for it. Spending time in doing something constructive would make you feel a sense of achievement as well as creative satisfaction and a satisfied person is a happy person.

Follow your hobby - Ways to Maximise Happiness in Your Life

5. Act before it is too late:

Stop postponing things for last minute. Whatever has to be done will be done. Postponing it to the last minute only means worrying about it until it is done. So, get up and do it now for a peaceful and happier tomorrow.

Act before it is too late - Ways to Maximise Happiness in Your Life

4. Take a break, sometimes:

Stop worrying about things that aren’t in your control. Worrying about them won’t make any difference. Instead, take a break and come back refreshed to tackle whatever it is that is making you unhappy.

Take a break, sometimes - Ways to Maximise Happiness in Your Life

3. Eat healthy, stay happy:

A balanced and healthy diet helps control those mood swings. Eat healthy and indulge a little sometimes. Crash diets make a person cranky and disoriented. Balance your diet to include all the necessary nutrients to ensure a healthy body.

Eat healthy, stay happy - Ways to Maximise Happiness in Your Life

2. Forgive and forget:

The past doesn’t count anymore. Instead of clinging to things make way for new memories in your heart. Thinking about the past isn’t going to change it, but would only distort your present. Move on from memories that are not pleasant or make you unhappy. They are not the ones to be treasured but they are the ones who have the potential to spoil your present as well. Remove the clutter of the past and embrace a happier present.

Forgive and forget - Ways to Maximise Happiness in Your Life

1. Meditate your way to happiness:

Well, you probably already know this one but you ignore the power of meditation. Meditation cures what medicines cannot. It is a sure shot way to a happy and healthy life. A controlled mind coupled with a healthy body is something which can do wonders to your life in terms of success, concentration and overall happiness.

Meditate your way to happiness - Ways to Maximise Happiness in Your Life

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