Top 10 Ways to Make Her Fall in Love With You

10:00 am 25 Feb, 2013

If you think you’re truly, madly, deeply in love with her and want her to replicate your emotions for you, you’ll have to travel a few extra steps. And, while we all know that love takes its natural course, your earnest efforts will surely pay and help her know what she means to you. Here are a few universal tips that women certainly expect from the man they’d fall in love with. These top 10 ways to make her fall in love with you may not be able to guarantee what it claims but there is a high chance that it will.

10. Make her laugh:

The first thing you need to do is get your sense of humor on track. Be playful around her, crack a joke or two. Turn even the most difficult situations into something you two can laugh about. Be light at heart and make her feel happy whenever you’re around.

 Make her laugh to make her fall in love with you

9. Be all ears:

Women, as they are intrinsically born, like venting out their emotions by speaking them all out. They are most happy with men, who patiently and genuinely listen to their problems. Not only problems, they like speaking about everything, whether happy or sad, so gear up for a listening session.

Be all ears

8. Doing things together:

Before you start doing things together, you must find out what pleases her most. She will willingly agree to participate in activities with you, since she is confident in what she does and will get a free opportunity to showcase her talents to you. You might even have to do the girl thing; go shopping, baking, dancing, and all; but it will be worth a try.

Doing things together

7. Give her space:

Simply confessing your emotions for her and bluntly asking her to do the same is the biggest mistake you can make. Girls always take some time to figure things out; and, if pressurized, they might as well just leave the thing. They need space, and an assurance that you will stick around no matter what the answer would be.

Give her space to make her fall in love with you

6. Compliment her often:

We all like being praised once in a while, but women like to be praised all the time. It keeps them happy and brings them closer to you. Especially if they’re interested in you, they will make efforts to look good, act good, and do things, which are good. And, in return all they ask for is some acknowledgement.

Compliment her often

5. Impress her with your maturity:

It is believed that women mature much faster than men, and so they seek men who are able to handle situations better than them. Show her that you are responsible for your life and that you have the capability to look after her as well. Women generally find a mature man much attractive than someone who behaves like a child.

Impress her with your maturity to make her fall in love with you

4. Let her know time spent with her is the most precious:

When the girl indeed becomes important to you, you’d surely like to spend time with her. And, chances are that this time spent together will surely be precious. If this is the real case, do let her know about it. She will definitely relish her importance in your life.

Let her know time spent with her is the most precious

3. Give attention to her friends and family:

Somehow most women judge a guy by how much importance he gives to her family and friends. Her circle will be the first to comment if you’re the right guy for her or not. So, don’t take chances, impress people who matter to her. Also introducing her to your family makes women feel that you’re really serious about them.

Give attention to her friends and family to make her fall in love with you

2. Eliminate expectations:

Don’t once make her feel that your love is subjective. Let her know that no matter what, your love for her is here to stay. Even if she takes time to admit her love for you, give her space and time. Women aren’t impulsive and they wait for the right moment to express their feelings.

Eliminate expectations

1.  Say “I Love You” only when the time is right:

These three words always carry more meaning for women than they do for men. Saying them too early, makes women skeptical about your intentions. So, don’t jump to conclusions. Give yourself and your girl ample time to think about the relationship before you decide to utter those words.

Say “I Love You” only when the time is right to make her fall in love with you

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