Top 10 Ways To Find Your Mr. Right Is Fake

11:01 am 1 Oct, 2013

Did you just come across the man of your dreams? Have you just found your Mr. Right? Think again! Many times things are not like we are made to see them. There are times when we get swayed away in a situation. So, before settling in for a guy, look out for certain things in him. Always remember that first impressions can never help you define someone. You can only judge your Mr. Right with time.

10. Cheesy one liners:

If the guy you are hanging around with always has some cheesy lines to please you, there are chances that he is not genuine. I mean, think wise, who wants to spend his life with you will do something intelligent when you are around rather than pleasing you with a one liner like, “do you have a map? I just got lost in your eyes.” Phew! These lines are usually practiced by such type of guys on many girls in the hope that someone, just someone will fall for them.

Top 10 Ways To Find Your Mr. Right Is Fake

9. Abusing his Ex:

If your Mr. Right is always bragging about the relationships he had in his past, consider revising his personality. And if he is always trash talking about his Ex’s, take the signal and dump him. If he can talk shit about his past girlfriend, he can surely talk the same about you in some other company. This is just so disgusting, how can a person talk bad about someone he has been in a relationship with. Will you ever do it? I mean, he should be more concerned about you rather than what happened in his past.

Top 10 Ways To Find Your Mr. Right Is Fake

8. Does not pay the bill:

Imagine a guy taking you out for dinner and running to the restroom as soon as the bill arrives! Well, if you have found one such guy, pay the bill and never ever see him again. If a guy is serious about you and plans a future with you, he will never take you out for dinner, if he doesn’t have money. Those are the tricky type of guys who allow their girl to pay for a date. It is not about the money, it is about the mannerisms.

Top 10 Ways To Find Your Mr. Right Is Fake

7. Facebook/Twitter addict:

If your guy is active on any of these sites and is constantly asking you for pictures to update there, think again about him. Maybe you are just a show-piece for him. Maybe he just wants to brag about you in front of his friends. Any real man will want to have private moments rather than displaying his relationship status.

Top 10 Ways To Find Your Mr. Right Is Fake

6. Watch out for his eyes:

When you two are walking on the road, watch out for his eyes! If he tends to look at any and every woman passing by, it means that he is just not into you. Seriously, if someone is walking beside the love of his life, why will he care to look around? Will you ever do it?

Top 10 Ways To Find Your Mr. Right Is Fake

5. Self-Obsessed:

Is your guy always talking about himself? Does he like giving himself nicknames and telling you about his stud stories from college? If yes, then it is the perfect signal to dump him. Someone who is self-obsessed will never have time to talk about you or to know you. Do you want to date someone who thinks of himself as the super-cool human, Nah!

Top 10 Ways To Find Your Mr. Right Is Fake

4. Cheating history:

Has your guy ever told you a story about how he made a fool of his past girlfriend? If yes, then it is surely an alarming situation! And if he had managed to get away without the girl knowing about it, then it is a double alarming situation! Cheating men never change; they will repeat their behavior one or the other day.

Top 10 Ways To Find Your Mr. Right Is Fake

3. No possessiveness:

If your guy doesn’t show possessiveness towards you, then he is surely faking this relationship. No man can ever tolerate his girl going around with other men. Test him on this one by telling him about that super cute guy, who has a soft spot for you at your office. If he says that’s ok and he is cool about it, Dump him!

Top 10 Ways To Find Your Mr. Right Is Fake

2. He hates his family:

Does your guy always keep telling you bad things about his family? If yes, think again about him. I mean, how can someone hate one’s own family? A guy who cannot love his family can never ever love you. Imagine he doesn’t love his own blood, why will he take care of you!

Top 10 Ways To Find Your Mr. Right Is Fake

1. Courtesy:

Well, this one is the main point. Is your man courteous enough towards you? There are bound to be fights in a relationship but both the partners have to be courteous towards each other once the fight is over. If your man treats you like a stranger and becomes rude with you or doesn’t even try to resolve things, just walk by him with a decent Goodbye!

Top 10 Ways To Find Your Mr. Right Is Fake

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