Top 10 Ways to Escape if Caught Alone by a Bunch of Foes

8:09 am 18 May, 2013

It’s never a pleasant feeling to get trapped in a place full of people you would rather wish had never stepped into your life. But that’s what life is about, isn’t it? Throwing you into soupy situations constantly! So, what if you come face-to-face with people who you would perhaps best describe as your foes? How would you deal with them or, rather, how would you carefully avoid them? Let’s have a look at some of the many possible ways to escape when caught alone by a bunch of your not-so-favourite people. These top 10 ways to escape your foes, however, does not include kicking the lights out of them because we assume you are neither a Bruce Lee nor a Wonder Woman.

10. Ignore whatever they say:

It is always better to avoid conflict; especially if you are alone and they are more in number. It could well be a good idea to ignore whatever they say. You could expect them to try and engage you in verbal dual or just instigate you by their comments. In such situations always remember to use both your ears, listen with one and dump through the other.

Ignore whatever they say - Top 10 Ways to Escape if Caught Alone by a Bunch of Foes

9. Look the other way:

As much as you would probably want to stare back at people you dislike, it might be a better option to avoid any eye contact with them. So, if you happen to be lucky enough to spot people you are uncomfortable with from a distance or prior to them noticing you, turn the other way. Yes, one of the best ways to escape them is to avoid them, even if within the same confined space. Talk to other people; try to avoid acknowledging their presence.

Look the other way

8. Pretend to be on call:

Thank God for the mobile phones! In spite of the lack of any statistics, it can be safely assumed that pretending to be on call must have saved loads of people from unwanted meetings or awkward situations. Put up an act. Behave like you are on the most important call of your life and keep talking till they get tired and leave you alone. But remember to keep the phone in the silent mode. You wouldn’t want a call to burst your safety net, would you?

Pretend to be on call - Top 10 Ways to Escape if Caught Alone by a Bunch of Foes

7. Turn around and walk away:

Sometimes the easiest way out is indeed the easiest way out. If things get heated up or even if it begins to get suffocating, just get up and walk out. Yes, it’s that simple! But do it with an air of confidence. Don’t panic for that will give them the leverage to stop you, if they are audacious enough. As straightforward as it sounds, the answer to escaping is to turn around and walk away.

Turn around and walk away

6. Look very depressed:

If you are any good at putting up an act, pretend that you are so depressed that you would break down any moment. Do whatever you need to do but get that message straight to them. Show that you are going through the saddest event in your life and unable to cope with it. In fact, tear up a little or choke while telling them that you really need to be alone at that moment and chances are you would be left alone.

Look very depressed - Top 10 Ways to Escape if Caught Alone by a Bunch of Foes

5. Run to the washroom:

You got to go when you got to go, right? Pretend that you have a bathroom emergency, something that if delayed would end up in a filthy manner. Pretend that you have the stomach bug or something and it is very unlikely that you would still have to deal with them. Hold your stomach, make an uncomfortable face and walk gauchely, and that should do the trick.

Run to the washroom

4. Talk very loudly:

If you are alone with a bunch of people you don’t feel comfortable or safe with, then talking loudly is one of the best ways of escape your foes. Speaking loudly would surely attract the attention of other people in the vicinity. With other people aware of your presence, it is unlikely that you would come to any harm. Talking as loudly as you can may actually create an opening for you to escape.

Talk very loudly - Top 10 Ways to Escape if Caught Alone by a Bunch of Foes

3. Pretend to be sick:

It might work or it may not. But then it’s always better to try something then not do anything at all. So, cough as loudly as you can or just pretend to be hopelessly sick. Seeing you suffering already from a disease would probably let them leave you alone and that too, with a grin on their faces. But don’t worry if they do for you would be having the last laugh.

Pretend to be sick

2. Talk to them:

If nothing works then confronting them is one of the best ways to escape. But don’t enter into a fight; discuss your problems and tell them what you feel. You would appreciate that it was the last time either of you spoke about it. Tell them that you would be walking away and that in future it would be better if everyone maintains the distance. Put a rational argument without saying too much about what makes you dislike them and perhaps they would be persuaded to do as you say.

Talk to them - Top 10 Ways to Escape if Caught Alone by a Bunch of Foes

1. Apologize:

It is a well-established belief that apologizing is the solution to all problems. You might or might not have been wrong but saying sorry would only make you a better person. And if they have some sort of conscience too, they would do the same. The greatest of all ways to escape foes is by turning them into your friends.


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