Top 10 Ways To Approach Her For A Date

1:32 pm 10 Aug, 2013

When it comes to asking a girl out on a date, men start to get nervous. The anticipation and excitement gets too much to bear and even the most confident of men start fumbling and mumbling. It is the fear of rejection that makes asking her out so hard. On top of that women are always looking for something different and interesting and won’t say yes to just about anyone who asks them. It is good to have a few different ways of asking women out in your arsenal. Here are the top 10 ways to approach her for a date.

10. Ask For Her Number:

The old, tried and tested method can still work. Approach a woman you like and tell her that you like her and then ask her if she’d like to give you her number. If she likes you she’d be happy to give you her number and if she refuses then you should just move on. This method works best when meeting completely strange women. It’s all about taking a chance and if she likes the look of you she might take that chance. Remember to follow up and call her to ask her out on a date soon after.

Ask For Her Number

9. Simply Ask Her Out:

With a woman you know as an acquaintance or a colleague, simply asking them out can work too. It’s simple and to the point which some women like. They know that it is hard for men to come up with ways to ask a woman out and sometimes they can prefer a straightforward and honest approach. Tell her you find her interesting and would like to get to know her better over lunch.

Simply Ask Her Out

8. Make Conversation And Slip In The Question:

If it is too much to approach a woman and straight away shoot the question then try making a conversation first. Look into her eyes and really connect with her in the conversation. If the conversation is going well then just slip in the question during a high point in the conversation. Like you can tell a joke and just as soon as she’s done laughing ask her out. The chances of her saying yes are more if she’s enjoying the conversation. If the conversation is not going well then back down and wait for some other time.

Make Conversation And Slip In The Question

7. Ask Your Common Friend To Introduce You To Her:

Another old time favorite is to ask a common friend to set you up. This can be a little girly but if you are too shy it can work for you. It’s a good way to get introduced to the woman you want to date and become an acquaintance. Then you can slowly get to know her and finally ask the question.

Ask Your Common Friend To Introduce You To Her

6. Charm Her With Confidence:

One good trick is to charm her with confidence. Instead of asking her out, tell her that you two are going on a date. Women like men with confidence and it can work out. If it seems like it’s not going to work out, you can always make a joke about it and say you were just kidding around. This usually works best with women you are friendly with.

Charm Her With Confidence

5. Rig A Game:

If you want to ask one of your friends out then just get them to play a game like a card game or something. Rig the game so that somewhere in it there is a hidden piece of paper that reads, “Will you go out with me?” Like if you are playing cards you can stick it to the ace of hearts and then rig the game so that she gets that card. This can be a charming way of asking the question to a friend and girls can find this cute.

Rig A Game

4. Give Her A Mission:

A more creative way is to give her a mission. Send her a package with instructions on it. Make it an interesting treasure hunt at the end of which she ends up finding the question you want to ask her. This requires a lot more work and she’ll appreciate the time and energy you’ve put into it.

Give Her A Mission

3. Give Her A Prescription:

If you are a doctor a great way to ask her out is to write a prescription for her. You can create a complete act by telling her that she looks pail and then do a mock checkup and have her a little worried. Then write her a prescription for one date with you. It is a nice way to ask her out but only for doctors.

Give Her A Prescription

2. Use Mystery:

Mystery can work great to get the attention of a woman. You can probably send her flowers from a mystery admirer. Send her poems and letters but don’t sign them with your real name. Tell her to meet you at some place for a date if she wants to solve the mystery of her secret admirer. As a warning let me just say that you must know the limits after which you become a stalker instead of an admirer.

Use Mystery

1. Be Creative:

The best way to ask a woman out is the way that you can come up with on your own. Be creative and come up with a truly original way that represents your individuality and also try to incorporate the interests of the woman you are trying to impress. The more time and effort you will put into it the more impressed she will be.

Be Creative

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