Top 10 UFO Sighting Cases

5:30 am 29 Aug, 2013

History is abundant in claims associated with UFO sightings. While defense agencies and a certain section of intellectual society refute such claims and refer to them as creation of some delusional and mistaken minds, others support such theories with images and proofs in the form of video recordings. The debate over UFO’s reality is in existence for some time now and most certainly, would be stretching over for some more time till some rational explanation based on facts and evidences is out in the public domain. Here are top 10 UFO sighting cases.

10. Keneth Arnold and his sightings, 1947:

It was only after the claims of this Idaho pilot about sighting a string of nine shiny saucer shaped objects flying at supersonic speeds that UFO’s gained widespread popularity all over the world. The pilot couldn’t be assumed to be high, stupid or insane so easily. As per his claims, the UFO’s were sighted near Mount Rainier in Washington. Kenneth became a cynosure for the pressmen of some time for having something unusual which till the time were only considered fictional.

Keneth Arnold and his sightings, 1947

9. Tehran sightings, 1976:

In one of the most amusing incidents reporter ever, a UFO was believed to have disabled two F-4 interceptor aircrafts and control room based on ground. The Iranian military officials later made a statement clarifying the whole issue; one that somehow didn’t entirely discredit the role of extraterrestrial object.

Tehran sightings, 1976

8. The Kecksburg UFO incident, 1965:

Many residents of a Pennsylvania village (United States) witnessed a green streak of fire across the sky before it crashed into the nearby fields. Locals described the size of the object to be huge and that it made some U turns before crashing finally. Later on, military casted aspersions that it can be the work of USSR’s military for the cold war between the two world powers was at peak during that period. However, UFO researcher Clifford Stone blasted their theory. Even the document related to the incident was missing from the concerned department when some braveheart journalists tried to access it.

The Kecksburg UFO incident, 1965

7. Roswell Crash, 1947:

It’s one of the most pressing cases of 1947 where UFO proponents propagated that the US military has caught hold of an alien looking aircraft that had crashed in its boundary. The US military thereon, in their press releases maintained that they have captured some debris of an experimental high altitude surveillance balloon but did NOT refute the theory outrightly. However, different stories kept floating for some time.

Roswell Crash, 1947

6. Levelland case, 1957:

The incident was extensively reported in many of the newspapers in the US during the time it occurred. Some of the motorists in Texas reported that their engines stalled as an egg shaped object with glowing light passed over them. And, when the object had passed over, the engines got back into life, again.

Levelland case, 1957

5. Stephensville Lights, 2008:

On the evening of January 8, 2008 almost 40 local residents along with a police officer and local amateur civilian pilot claimed to witness a UFO. According to them, the lighted object hovered around the farm lands for over 5 minutes before shooting off into the sky. The size of the UFO was reported to be as wide as a mile.

Stephensville Lights, 2008

4. Westall incident, 1966:

It was in Melbourne that a teacher and his 200 students witnessed a flying saucer tumble down into green field nearby. Although, witnesses weren’t able to click a quick picture, they still gather for reunions regularly.

Westall incident, 1966

3. Sau Paulo encounter, 1986:

As per the incident that was recorded in Sau Paulo in Brazil, 20 UFO’s were cited by the locals and military officials. As soon as the military aircrafts were sent to intercept them, they vanished in the sky leaving no trace of their presence. Quite strange, no? Well, that’s what UFOs have been all about until now.

Sau Paulo encounter, 1986

2. The Phoenix Lights, 1997:

It was on 13th March, 1997, that many people in Nevada and Arizona observed a V-shaped object that carrying seven lights on its exterior. There were some sections of crowd which even claimed to have witnessed some orbits and triangles in the sky. Cops in the area were alerted; even they claimed to testify the incident, albeit in hushed voices.  Later on, military claimed it to be result of diversionary flares while National Guard Pilots were on training run. But, very few people took the claim on its face value.

The Phoenix Lights, 1997

1. Bracknell Pub sightings, 2013:

It was in Bracknell in Berkshire near a pub that a person enjoying his beer inside photographed two glowing discs flying in the sky. The pair was shooting off in the sky with intense speed and this is what caught the attention of the person who was loitering in the garden of the pub at that hour. Although, he was a bit drunk as he himself confessed later, the photographs don’t underrule his sightings at all.

Bracknell Pub sightings, 2013

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