Top 10 TV series to watch before you die

7:18 pm 25 Mar, 2011

TV series have been instrumental in getting people to stick on to their screens. The captivating stories that have filled many of our lives are also an important part of our education in one way or another. Long running TV series convey important parts of daily life with an exaggerated sense that makes it fun to watch. Here we go with ten most popular TV series that you should see before departing the dimensions.

10. Modern Family:

Modern Family is an eminent series which has been popularized by the intricate and humor filled family interactions. This series has received much acclaim critically for doing some groundbreaking work in the airing of a single camera TV show.

top 10 tv series to watch before you die

9. Lost:

Laureled with stack of awards, Lost is the story of few survivors on an island. They are survivors of an airplane crash and the story on the island unfolds wonderfully well as one adventure meets another. One of the more popular series post the Friends era, Lost is widely appreciated by global audiences and holds a prestigious ranking in several lists dealing with best shows thing.

top 10 tv series to watch before you die

8. The Sopranos:

James Gandolfini plays Tony Soprano who is often compared with Michael Corleone of The Godfather. The series is made interesting by how he manages to balance his activities in the underworld and as a normal husband and father. The conversations of Tony with his psychologist are among the most watched episodes aired on TV.

top 10 tv series to watch before you die

7. 3rd Rock from the Sun:

3rd Rock from the Sun is all about an alien ship’s passengers posing as humans to be able to learn more about the human ways. The family is under a constant stream of issues that they face in trying to become more human. Slightly underrated as a TV series, this show has a lot of humor to keep people interested.

top 10 tv series to watch before you die

6. Everybody Loves Raymond:

The story of Ray Romano is told with a touch of different styles of humor. The central character is always in a mood to crack up few jokes even if the situations are bad. Everyone including Ray’s dad has a peculiar quality and that adds an extra touch to the humor in the show.

top 10 tv series to watch before you die

5. House:

A Medical drama series that has done exceptionally well, House is based around Dr. Gregory House who is an exceptional healthcare professional with some special talents too. He is often found going against convention as his sharp mind helps him grasp things that would otherwise remain elusive. Apart from common viewers, this show is also adored by medical students around the world.

top 10 tv series to watch before you die

4. Friends:

Friends is best known for making TV sitcoms a big thing. The star studded team of this TV series has broken many records in terms of the viewership and popularity witnessed by other shows.

top 10 tv series to watch before you die

3. X-Files:

Science fiction series were given a new meaning with the coming of the X-Files. The series which is known to have many different aspects based on real incidents, has created much intrigue among its viewers. The series had a new adventure each week and that was among its strongest points.

top 10 tv series to watch before you die

2. Seinfeld:

Real life coincides a lot to this family friendly comedy series which is certainly among the most watched TV shows of all time. The series has fictional elements yet hosts real who are friends of the central character Jerry Seinfeld (also known as Jerry Seinfeld for real). A cultural and commercial success, this series has won a lot of acclaim for bringing good humor to family TV.

top 10 tv series to watch before you die

1. M*A*S*H:

This TV series that was born out of a popular film is based on a novel written by Larry Gelbart. M*A*S*H  is the story of three army doctors stationed in Korea. The series still holds records for highest viewership for any TV show. The fact that it was made in 1972 makes it all the more endearing as it was really a time when TV was not so commonplace.

top 10 tv series to watch before you die

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