Top 10 Tools To Create Internet Memes

4:36 am 5 Aug, 2013

Humor, wit and marketing have got a dramatic boost with the advent of Internet ‘memes’. It’s the best way to attract attention, express emotions, tell jokes, spread rebel words, insult, humiliate, in fact for every emotion a creative brain can devise. Not just the fun part, but memes have become one of the most effective tools of marketing and promotions. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit are flooded with internet memes. Internet memes go viral within few minutes of being uploaded. Internet has given memes a revolutionary medium to pass on words to the world with taking minimum of your time. Mostly, a meme wouldn’t require more than some seconds. It isn’t as easy to create a viral meme, but it is easy to create one. Here is a top 10 list of tools to create internet memes.

10. Imgur:

Did you know that Imgur isn’t just an image hoster. It has a meme generator too. Along with uploading images for storage or sharing, Imgur also lets you create, share and save memes. Its meme gallery is very rich and allows one to browse popular and viral memes. You can also enjoy remixing of existing memes. Start creating your own memes here.


9. Zipmeme:

Like Quickmeme, Zipmeme lets you upload image files from your desktop while all along displays popular or random memes from where you can choose one for your use. You are likely to come across most popular memes featured in lists from where one can pick any popular one or other existing memes. Start creating your own memes here.



It’s a special treat for iPhone user, who can enjoy surprising busts of laughter with an app on the go. DIYLOL is all about standing for ‘do it yourself’ expression. This is the tool if you love to create and share high doses of laughter with memes, which you can also rate. Upload a picture and throw your caption over it, and your meme is ready. Start creating your own memes here.


7. iMeme:

iMeme is different from other tools. It’s a special app for Mac OS X and Windows. If you use Reddit, then you know about the creator, Redditor Michael Fogleman. Here you’ll get over 50 templates to work with. It allows resizing, set fonts, alignments and rearrangement of text. It also lets you share memes after you create them. Start creating your own memes here.


6. Rage Comic Maker:

‘Forever Alone Guy’ went viral and is one of the most popular memes today. But, from what was the original generator. It was Rage Comic Maker. It also lets you experiment with some really hilarious and exaggerated characters to suite the purpose. Start creating your own memes here.

Rage Comic Maker

5. Troll Me:

Troll Me would give you the same tools which other sites like Zipmeme and Quickmeme do, but still it gives you a lot more options to choose from. All you need to do is to create an account and login and then you can start creating your own memes. It’ll also keep you updated on popular memes. Start creating your own memes here.

 Troll Me

4. Cheezburger LOL Builder:

Here you get a custom page where you can create your own memes easily. You get a dropdown to select the expressions for some default meme characters and comics. It also lets you use some additional tools with which you can add memes and text for your original memes. Start creating your own memes here.

Cheezburger LOL Builder

3. Meme Center:

If you are nuts for GIFs, the Meme Center is a special tool for you. Most of other tools don’t let you create GIF memes. The process has the same simple steps – create an account and log in. You either use your own images or use the meme builder tool. Start creating your own memes here.

 Meme Center

2. Meme Generator:

Meme Generator is quite a popular and efficient tool used for making memes. It lets you browse through memes made by others and create your own. A menu bar offers a look through variety of characters, pictures and does even suggest what’s going viral and what are latest additions. Start creating your own memes here.

Meme Generator

1. Quick Meme:

You won’t find it hard to use Quick Meme if you have used Meme Generator. It appears to be a just another version of MG with some modifications and improved presentations. Popular memes are featured on the homepage. It’s quite an amusing experience to browse through the most popular and viral memes created by other users. You can also kill some time with random memes search. Start creating your own memes here.

Quick Meme

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