Top 10 Tips to Gain Effective Writing Skills

12:34 pm 2 May, 2013

Writing is a social act in which we respond to the people and things around us and writers are the people whose power lies in the words. These words did not come from the huge towers of academics, but from the messy lanes of life. One of the synonyms of writer is ‘Author’ which is a broad meaning of a writer. Most of the writers feel discouraged because they are not able to produce that much time which they should to become famous. A writer must always be aware what the reader’s expectations are and what he would like to read and what not. There are quite a few tips to make your article magnetise the people who are reading them but the top 10 tips to gain effective writing skills will prove to be of much help.


10. Apprehend other’s assignment:

Reading other people’s work not only give us the erudition about the current events but also helps us to expand what reader’s actually want to read and what they are not interested in. Whenever we evaluate works of others, we learn a lot of things that are efficacious when penning your own thoughts. There is nothing so ephemeral that we don’t learn from it perhaps we should try to improve our work with other’s erratum.

Apprehend other's assignment - Tips to Gain Effective Writing Skills

9. Active words, active memory:

A sentence is the most conspicuous part of any writing and it levies a great impact on the person who deciphers it. The sentence must communicate the ideas and their relationships. A writer must avoid the repetition of the words; doing this will automatically earn a badge for constitutive sentences. Very often we have realised that if the words are strong then it remains in the memory of the reader just like when the dialogues are captivating or a quote from a book.

Active words, active memory - Tips to Gain Effective Writing Skills

8. Assortment in writing:

Effective writing means that the writer has included a variety of styles, topics and new techniques. Using a new artifice every time helps in diversifying and exploring new dimensions in writing. Another face of a convincing article is that the ambiguity in the words should be avoided and a consistent use of proper grammar must be involved. Another backbone of effective writing is an appropriate use of language which helps in adding up the variety.

Assortment in writing - Tips to Gain Effective Writing Skills

7. Figure of speech:

When a writer explains any piece of complicated work it is very much possible that the reader might get bored because of the failure to simplify the words with live and practical examples. A figure of speech plays a considerable role in determining the effect of those words whose literal meaning cannot be always used. The income tax can be understood as our contribution to the government’s budget. Using different figures of speech as simile, analogy, metaphor and euphemism refines the content of writing.

Figure of speech - Tips to Gain Effective Writing Skills

6. Eliminate distractions:

It is often seen that when we sit down to write, we involve ourselves in number of futile tasks like checking mail, surfing net or answering an unimportant call. This leads to an incomplete body of work. It is very important that we make it a goal to focus on our work. It seems to be difficult at times to keep one away from the distractions but to produce a potent assignment, it is very important to eliminate abstraction. Revision is, therefore, necessary to ensure that the written work is free from errors made by a distracted mind.

Eliminate distractions - Tips to Gain Effective Writing Skills

5. Write regularly:

Being regular with your writing assignment and completing it step by step is a straightforward habit to develop a successful writing career. Experts say that writing daily for a month or two increases productivity and motivation. It also boosts self confidence and devotion for writing. Even as little as half an hour daily regularly will improve the overall productivity in writing. By getting into the habit of writing every day we won’t even have an excuse for not completing our writing tasks.

Write regularly - Tips to Gain Effective Writing Skills

4. Repose writers are ardent writers:

We are able to produce quality in our work when we are relaxed and calm. The same thing goes with perfect piece of writing that comes from gratifying energy. We cannot work at our best when we are tired or stressed out. Getting yourself in a relaxed and comfortable frame of mind helps at all the levels of the writing technique. The inflow of ideas is much more beautiful and interesting when we write in an appeasing state of mind. The more tranquillity one has, the greater is his success and influence in the work he produces.

Repose writers are ardent writers - Tips to Gain Effective Writing Skills

3. Don’t command, just suggest:

When conveying the thoughts and ideas the writer must avoid writing any coercive statement.  Everybody has their own self respect (which is always very high) and, therefore, something said in a convincing manner has always greater and positive impact than when said in a commanding way. If a writer opens different prospects for anything he is describing then he surely is inviting many favourable audiences.

Don't command, just suggest - Tips to Gain Effective Writing Skills

2. Humour:

Humour is described as adding fun and lightness in the content that is to be written. Whenever a writer includes any humour in his work the reader enjoys reading. The penning down of things must not be superficial or forced; rather, it should be natural which stays on people’s minds. Reading helps in confronting the blues of daily life and a reader loves a writer who makes their day lighter and happier.

Humour - Tips to Gain Effective Writing Skills

1. Positive thinking:

Positive thinking is a driving force for everything in life. A negative mind leads you nowhere. Putting up a positive attitude and changing it with the way we think and write works wonders. Being positive does not mean to be unrealistic. A great musician or a sportsman was never born overnight; it requires lot of hard work and determination. The particular set of skills required for effective writing takes time to develop.

Positive thinking - Tips to Gain Effective Writing Skills

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