Top 10 Tips to Deal with Failure in Examination

8:00 am 27 May, 2013

Failure in examination does not imply the ‘end of the world,’ really! Pick random people, successful in different professions and fields of knowledge in the world and you’ll find that even the best among all have failed exams on many occasions in their lives. Instead of losing heart and allowing disappointment to control your future course of action, act on the top 10 tips listed below and transform the negativity into something beautiful over the next few weeks.

10. No alcohol and drugs, please:

Young students often try to find respite from emotional pain by consuming excessive amounts of alcohol and drugs. While it may look like an easy-way-out for few hours while you are high, it will only aggravate the problem in the long run. Running away from a sad reality does not change it. No, you don’t need to stop meeting friends or enjoying at parties as all others do. But, you’ve got to avoid dependence on alcohol, marijuana or any other drug.

No alcohol and drugs, please - Top 10 Tips to Deal with Failure in Examination

9. Weigh failure:

Instead of feeling awful for having failed exam, you should actually weigh it up. Can you reappear for the exam in six months or a year? Do you have a chance to improve your grades by reappearing for the examination? Do you stand a chance to get enrolled into a better college or university by performing better next year? Gauge the outcome of failure in examination in a rational manner in order to overcome the emotional pain.

Weigh failure

8. Read a self-help book:

Reading self-help books can help a great deal especially when you feel like giving up. These books can help in restoring a positive frame of mind. Only a mind full of positive thoughts can actually work hard or do something productive on a daily basis. Failure, as someone said, is not when you fall down but only when you refuse to get up and walk again. Self help books can help you to do exactly that. After-all, it’s all in the head!

Read a self help book - Top 10 Tips to Deal with Failure in Examination

7. Change your daily routine:

Introducing some changes in your daily routine can be of great help. The mind and heart, after experiencing failure, are prone to negative thoughts and emotions. Changing your daily routine can help in flipping off the natural tendency to feel sad or think negatively. Join a gym, start taking a morning walk, visit old school friends or take up a hobby; there is no dearth of choices.

Change your daily routine

6. Stop comparing yourself:

You need to stop drawing comparisons between you and others. Even if your friends managed to clear an entrance exam or score really well in an examination, you need not compare your life to that of others. You’re a unique being that has different talents, dreams and interests. Don’t let your uniqueness get overpowered by a small failure in examination that would mean little or nothing when you succeed many times over the years.

Stop comparing yourself - Top 10 Tips to Deal with Failure in Examination

5.  Talk to a senior student:

A senior student who has appeared for this very exam in the past can shed some light on the meaning of exam failure. Even if this senior did manage to qualify the examination in the first attempt, he or she can certainly tell you about the others who failed and succeeded later. Even the most depressive events of the past fail to scare you today. Life is like that – it doesn’t frighten you as much in retrospect. A college or school senior can help you to look at it from future.

Talk to a senior student

4.  Socialize as you always did:

Do not lock yourself up in your room for days. Many students try to avoid social contact for several weeks at a stretch in order to avoid discussing the exam result or future plans of those who did manage to qualify the exam. Seclusion only makes it hard for a person to deal with a exam failure. Hang out with your friends on weekends and meet your relatives at home as often as you get a chance to. Do not be ashamed of telling others that you’ve failed exams. Define yourself on the basis of what you can do in future and not according to what you failed to do in the past.

Socialize as you always did - Top 10 Tips to Deal with Failure in Examination

3. Take a vacation:

Nothing beats a refreshing vacation when you need to reboot yourself. Go out on a vacation with your best friend, college buddies or anyone you like. In order to qualify the examination in the next attempt with really good marks, you need to be able to give your 100 percent. If you can rejuvenate yourself by spending some time on a beach or in the wilderness of forests and mountains, then by all means do so.

Take a vacation

2. Discuss openly with family members:

It is very important that you openly discuss the reasons for failure in examination with your family members. There is nothing to be ashamed of and you can let them know whether you intend to take up the exam again or not. Family members can support each other on all levels. This support-system works best when you care to share your feelings, doubts and inhibitions with your siblings, parents and elders in the family.

Discuss openly with family members - Top 10 Tips to Deal with Failure in Examination

1. See opportunities:

Be optimistic and look around for opportunities that appeared after you’ve failed exams. It is possible that you’ve failed in an examination that you never wished to appear for. It is possible that you want to get into a different field and failure in examination is only a green signal. You may also choose to look at exam failure as an opportunity to score higher in the next attempt. There are countless ways you can look at a life-event. See the half-glass full, focus on opportunities and few years down the line you might as well start thanking God for failures!

See opportunities

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