Top 10 Tips to Become a Super Productive Entrepreneur

10:00 am 13 Feb, 2013

Every entrepreneur hoping to change the world someday works hard with all his heart. If you, too, are an entrepreneur, you’re probably aware of how hard it is to stay productive on a daily basis and be able to give your hundred percent to your company. Despite the intention and willingness to work hard, it becomes difficult to maximize the performance at work. Here is the list of top 10 tips to become a super productive entrepreneur.

10. Everything is important but not a priority:

Entrepreneurs head businesses or organizations where resources are scarce. Every week, there are more than a dozen tasks to be executed. Your overall productivity can drop significantly if you do not accept the fact that not all tasks are equally important. You need to devote your time to the most important tasks first and leave everything else for later.

Everything is important but not a priority

9. Set simple and realistic goals:

Often, entrepreneurs set complex goals with jargon in it. Goals with lots of technical and management jargon look great if they were to be judged by a professor. In reality, they act as a deterrent. Your goals should be so simple that even your parents and friends should be able to understand them. They should be (usually) in the short term so that you feel energetic enough to work hard and achieve them.

An entrepreneur must set SMART Goals

8. Identify the time-window when you’re at your best:

All entrepreneurs suffer from procrastination on many occasions. In order to overcome this problem, you need to identify the time window when you are most productive. For example, if you can concentrate well in the morning, you ought to take up the most challenging tasks during that time. Leave the simple and easy-to-follow tasks for a time zone when you usually feel tired, bored or unable to concentrate fully.

Identify the time-window when you’re at your best

7. Some things come first, and some come last:

Every morning, before you logon to your computer to check your emails, instant messages etc., make it a point to prioritize different tasks. Do not start replying to emails or pick up a task or two for the day immediately. It is important that you carefully organize all tasks in a priority order and take them up one by one. This way, you can focus on the most important tasks first. Having looked upon all tasks and organized them also helps you to concentrate fully all day long.

For an entrepreneur some things come first, and some come last

6. Make the best use of technology:

Technology has made it easier for us to speed up many things. You can, for example, set up a server in your office so that people don’t roam around exchanging pen drives or memory cards. You can also have a local messenger so that everyone can instantly share files or drop a message to a fellow team member. Documents that all team members access frequently can be uploaded online so that everyone can access them easily and make changes when required.

Make the best use of technology

5. Stay offline:

Becoming super-productive requires attention. So, make sure you’re not online on GTalk, Skype, Facebook, Yahoo and scores of other online platforms unless you’re there to speak to your customers, suppliers or partners. Few pings a day from friends, college mates, family members etc. can redirect your attention from a job at hand.

Stay offline

4.  Don’t try to do everything; say ‘no’ to your partners if you must:

Many entrepreneurs, especially the young guns fail to say ‘no’ when they must. They try to participate in all meetings, supervise design and development, speak to the customers and try their hand at everything else they possibly can. The end result is that the productivity of a Business Development Head, for example, is a lot less than it could be. You have limited time and resources. Therefore, each person in your team should just focus on their specific areas and avoid taking all responsibilities on their shoulders.

Just Say No

3. Check your emails only 3 to 5 times a day:

Checking emails 50 times a day is not going to help, really. Unless there is some crisis and you’re waiting for an important email, it is advisable to check your mailbox only 3 to 5 times a day. Delete or spam unnecessary emails as soon as you spot them and create labels or folders to keep everything organized. Believe it or not, many entrepreneurs waste as much as 2 hours a day on checking emails every day and are actually checking or replying to emails for just 20-30 minutes.

Check your emails only 3 to 5 times a day

2. Welcome outside perspectives regularly:

Entrepreneurs are not on a pre-planned journey. They have to experiment every day, think of new ways to increase revenues and work hard on achieving short term goals. Amidst all this, it’s easy to get lost or emotionally overwhelmed. From time to time, you ought to speak to a teacher, friend, business partner or anyone else to gain an outside perspective. These perspectives can help you to look at things from an independent angle, maximize your productivity and open-up a completely new set of possibilities.

Welcome outside perspectives regularly

1. Do one thing at a time and do it right:

Most entrepreneurs tend to believe that they ought to do multi-tasking on a daily basis to be more productive. While the goal is to do ‘more work,’ and somehow ‘stay busy,’ they end up doing very little every day. It is a fact that the habit of juggling multiple tasks at once can continually cut back on your productivity. If you are, for example, working on creating wireframes for a new website, you ought to leave aside instant messages on Gmail, Facebook notifications or website queries at once. Focus on one thing at a time and you’ll end up surprising yourself with your performance.

An entrepreneur must do one thing at a time and do it right

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