Top 10 Tips To Become A Gentleman

10:30 am 17 Oct, 2013

Chivalry is not dead and the traits of a gentleman are still the same even if nobody expects you to be a knight in shinning armor. The main trait of a gentleman is respect; respect for oneself, for others no matter their class or color, for nature and the environment and respect for all women. Being a gentleman doesn’t mean you have to be a pretentious jerk, it just means to be true to yourself and your principles. It’s simple to be one; if following points are acceptable to you.

10. Be Clean:

Basic cleanliness and hygiene is the mark of a thorough gentleman. Take regular showers, clip nails and maintain hair properly. Also remember to wear clean clothes and keep your house clean. It is no longer necessary to always remain clean shaved but you shouldn’t be so scruffy that you look homeless.

Be Clean

9. Dress to Impress:

When you think of a gentleman you imagine someone wearing a three piece suit and tie but this dress code is no longer needed. You can wear anything you want as long as you are dressed smartly. Wear adult clothes instead of torn jeans and t-shirts with sideways caps. The semi formal look works well for a modern gentleman.

Dress to Impress

8. Be Polite:

Politeness is the hallmark of a gentleman. Be soft spoken with everyone and talk politely even to those who are being rude to you. While talking to women and children remember to be especially polite. Don’t speak louder than you need to but don’t mumble either. Work on your communication skills and look people in the eye while talking to them.

Be Polite

7. No Foul Language:

Being polite also means that you can’t use foul language. That means no more four letter words. It is good to form this habit as soon as you get out into the real world as it makes you look professional and mature. Don’t use foul language even in anger or even if you are with your college friends.

No Foul Language

6. Be a Man of Your Word:

A gentleman doesn’t make promises if he can’t fulfill them. A gentleman is someone who walks the talk and doesn’t just go around boasting about things he can’t do in real life. A gentleman is humble but confident and always keeps his promises. Remember to never be late for any meeting.

Be a Man of Your Word

5. Be the Bigger Man:

A gentleman doesn’t get sucked into arguments and fights. If someone if making a fool out of himself trying to suck you in, you should just leave. If you get into an argument, be the bigger man and take a step back. But if a gentleman has no option left he doesn’t back down from a fight either. Stand for yourself and your loved ones and defend your honor but fight fair and stop once you’ve made your point.

Be the Bigger Man

4. Remember Basic Courtesies:

The basic courtesies of smiling and saying thank you, please and sorry are not something that will make you look weak. In fact it shows that you are a gentleman. Be polite to everyone and say thank you even to the waiters and other service providers. Be courteous with women and don’t shy away from complimenting them.

Remember Basic Courtesies

3. Be in Control of Yourself at All Times:

A gentleman never loses control over himself. He stays in control even when angry and never blows his top with anger. He never gets so drunk that he doesn’t remember where he is or what he’s saying or doing. To be a gentleman you need to learn to handle your drink and also to drink in moderation.

Be in Control of Yourself at All Times

2. Help Others:

A gentleman is like a superhero in many ways and he’s always ready to help anyone in need. If you see a stranger who needs your help, go ahead and offer it. Be kind to everyone and notice the needs of others. Don’t be someone who does whatever they feel like without being considerate to others. Kindness and being considerate shows you are a gentleman.

Help Others

1. Know Yourself and Be Yourself:

The most important part of being a gentleman is to know yourself and be yourself. You should be confident about who you are being a gentleman shouldn’t be an act that you put up but should come from within. A gentleman knows what he wants from life and has passions that he’s pursuing along with being a stable earner of money.

Know Yourself and Be Yourself

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