Top 10 Tips To Beat Depression

5:14 pm 6 Sep, 2013

Feeling blue? In this topsy-turvy world, who doesn’t? It’s just that some deal with it and the others carry it for a long time. When things go wrong many of us withdraw ourselves from life to a point from where returning back is not easy. Our lives are cast by a sadness and gloom that may stretch over weeks and interfere with our lives. It warns us of some serious problem which may not even present any outward symptoms. Depression, if it goes deeper by lasting longer, may impact every aspect of our lives. Feeling depressed can in turn make you feel helpless, but you are certainly not. There are plenty of ways that can make you feel better. Here are top ten tips that can definitely help beat depression.

10. Be Optimistic:

Indeed, it’s tough, but not impossible. We understand that you are depressed because your brain cannot allow optimism and positivity to enter. However, the fact is, negative thoughts hold a central role in depression. Depressed people tend to take sadness and failure very negatively. This makes then even more sad and disappointed with life. Trying to be happy in even the worse situations could make you feel better.

Be Optimistic

9. Do not Withdraw From Life:

Dwelling in self-pity and complaining about every small thing is way easier than facing your problems. People turn anti-social in such situations. However, this won’t help. Talking to friends and sharing interests and activities could divert you from such hitches.

Do not Withdraw from Life

8. Take Responsibilities:

Keeping yourself busy with work and responsibilities at home or work, deviates your mind from everything else. Take on responsibilities that are tough for you to deal with, because on accomplishing them you will get a sense of victory.

Take Responsibilities

7. Develop Hobbies:

Depression often happens when there is lack of interest and activities. All our activities and interest become a routine and we start finding them boring. But you can always form other interests. Go out and be open to life, it’s all yours. It is indeed a natural cure for depression, because it gives you contentment. And contentment hits depression right in the heart.

Develop Hobbies

6. Take a Good Night Sleep:

A good night sleep doesn’t refer to sleeping endlessly. It means just to ward off sleep irregularities and getting the right amount of sleep. Form a sleeping routine and stick to it. Lack of proper sleep can also lead to depression. So safeguard your sleeping patterns to feel better.

Take a Good Night Sleep

5. Follow a Workout Regimen:

Research has shown that exercise equals the effectiveness of anti-depressant Zoloft, in treating depression. Exercising releases an anti-depressant chemical in the brain that makes a person feel better and happier. So add a little workout to your daily routine, and you’re likely to get cured of depression.

Follow a Workout Regimen

4. Stop Clinging On To Depressive Behaviors:

The more you seek sympathy and pity from your friends or family, the more you maintain depressive behaviors. Stop complaining, stop crying, brooding over the past and, discussing your problems. This is because talking about depression can never let you get rid of it. It remains there either in your talks or in your mind.

Stop Clinging On To Depressive Behaviors

3. Eating Healthy:

When we are depressed, we try to suppress our feelings by eating extra or way too less. Doing this does suppress our feelings, but just for the time being. These suppressed emotions tend to pile up and burst out at one point. So do not let your emotions dictate your eating patterns. Eat fresh and eat well.

Eating Healthy

2.  Simply Have Fun:

Either you feel like or not, involve yourself in activities that make you enjoy and have fun. As corny as it may sound, but you have to have fun in whatever you may do. Go out with friends, chit-chat, eat your favorite food or do every possible thing that make you happy.

Simply Have Fun

1. Shut Your Brain Down:

Yes, you have to do this, if the situation demands. Your brooding and thinking too much have pushed you into this state of mind. By shutting down the brain for a while, you can escape the misery you face. Think positively, which will keep your mind and body in good health; or don’t think at all. But, at no point in time, allow negative thoughts to enter in the mind.

Shut Your Brain Down

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