Top 10 Things You Wish School Would Have Taught You

2:00 pm 15 Feb, 2013

Schools nurture us for the future and prepare us to face the life ahead. But there are things that we realize only as we step into the real world but not before. Here are a few things that would perhaps have been better if taught to us in school.

10. Don’t take life too seriously:

Yes, it is important to do well in life and yes it is essential to achieve something too but not at the cost of happiness. There is more to life than a raise or a medal or a degree. That is what we should have been taught as one of the first lessons but weren’t. Life is to live and perhaps we should have been told that early on!

Don’t take life too seriously

9. Morality:

The most difficult theories of every subject are taught across classrooms but not for a moment is the pause taken to teach human values. The banes of caste system, racism, honor killings which plague our society are very much pertinent to the educated class too. This can only be eradicated if the curriculum includes ample time to preach against these curses of society. This is perhaps one of the biggest glitches in the educational system today!


8. Social responsibility:

Mathematics, science or economics are always given more importance in school. We are taught to not bother about what happens around us as long as we are fine. The courses are engineered in a manner that some of the basic duties as human beings seem secondary and unimportant as we step ahead in life. Perhaps that is one of the things that could have been instilled in each of us.

 Social responsibility

7. Team work is important too:

As we enter professional lives, we realize the importance of team work. Working together as a group and working well is very much dependent on our caliber to deal with shared work resources and environment. The success after a certain point in life depends not only on an individual but the team and people around too. However, schools focus on individual performances and the grading is also done accordingly. This leads one to believe that the self is more important than the rest which is not a conducive mindset for success.

 Team work is important to0

6. Emotional intelligence:

Academically a school might make us strong. However, the knowledge from books isn’t sufficient to ensure a successful life in every term. They can only take you so far! But to be successful in life, emotional and mental well-being is also essential. But regrettably emotional intelligence is not even a topic of discussion within the walls of schools. Hopefully, in the days to come this too would be taken into serious account.

 Emotional intelligence

5. Proactive over Reactive:

One of the essential qualities to succeed in life is to get up and get things done. There is no one who will take it upon themselves to clear out the path for us. In schools it is the teachers that decide what needs to be done and when; which eventually makes us all reactive. But to get ahead in life we need to lead the bull by the horns. Being proactive is the mantra to a successful tryst with life; unfortunately that is never taught!

 Crossing out reactive and writing proactive on a blackboard.

4. Competition is good when with your own self:

Competition is a constant reality of student life. Contest with peers is not only encouraged but also applauded upon. But is that really the only way to get ahead or survive in this world? Instead of excelling in our performances schools teach us to be satisfied with a mediocre result over that of a friend’s. Eventually in life comparisons and competitions define the level of our happiness. Instead of revelling in our achievements we mourn over that one percent lag when compared to a neighbour or a colleague.

 Competition is good when with your own self

3. Failure is not the end of the road:

The seriousness attributed to every assessment is probably one of the integral parts of anybody’s school life. But where so much focus is laid on passing such tests; the discussion of ways to deal with the opposite is never given due importance. Every individual fails at one point in time or other. It might be exams or some other obstacle in life but when failure is not taught to be an acceptable option it becomes a bane; a burden. Perhaps schools should have taught us that failing is not really the end of the road.

 Failure is not the end of the road

2. Getting a job is not the ultimate aim in life:

Getting hired for a respectable job after graduation is basically the picture-perfect life of a successful person as painted by schools. We are not taught to take risks or experiment with our lives in school. The path which leads to starting something by ourselves is never introduced to us. We are instead made to belief that working under a person and getting a monthly salary is all there is to a prosperous life.

 Getting a job is not the ultimate aim in life

1. Don’t be afraid to be different:

We are taught in schools to follow a known and accepted pattern. Choice of courses or career path is also more often than not limited to a known few. But the world out there has a wide horizon with a million things on offer, where there is always something new to try our or experiment with. However, it is rarely seen that schools encourage its pupils to follow the less trodden path.

Be different

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