Top 10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Godfather

8:00 am 3 Apr, 2013

We often wish for a Jeannie who can fulfill our wishes, especially during troubles or crises. But none of us is an Aladdin who can actually employ the services of one. However, some of us are lucky enough to have a godfather. A godfather is a friend, philosopher and guide to those even with parents. He helps us sail through our crises. However, one should not forget that he, too, is a human being and can have similar emotions or feelings like you do. He is not God, just a godfather selected by your parents to take an interest in your upbringing and be a good influence on you. Upsetting your godfather is something that you really can’t afford. Here are the top 10 things you should avoid saying to your godfather.

10. I’m afraid to do that:

Everything happens for the first time, always. So, do not get afraid of new things. A new thing may appear scary, but never lose courage, as stepping back might upset your godfather, forcing him to take his support back. Your godfather is not your parent so don’t expect that he’ll pardon all your follies including fear.

I’m afraid to do that - Things You Should Never Say to Your Godfather

9. Never say I can’t:

Never say no, especially to your godfather. No matter how impossible the work may appear to be, make it a point to give it a try. Take a chance. Show your ability to take the responsibility, and who knows you may succeed with excellence? Since godfather’s are generally influential in a society, he might as well give you an opportunity you can’t refuse.

Never say I can’t - Things You Should Never Say to Your Godfather

8. This job is below my level:

Never underestimate any kind of job. No work is big or small. Experience comes from all levels. Besides your own parents, let your godfather decide your level. For this he might test you and, hence, no matter what the level of the job is, consider them all equal. Your godfather is a better judge than you are.

This is job is below my level - Things You Should Never Say to Your Godfather

7. Who? Why? What? When? How?

Curiosity is good but too much of questioning might give your godfather an impression that you doubt his abilities. You should have full faith on your godfather. Hence, question only what is necessary. For the rest, wait and watch to the end and you will get answers to all your questions.

Who Why What When How - Things You Should Never Say to Your Godfather

6. I have a problem:

It is not that you cannot encounter a problem while working. It is also not that you can’t seek advice from your godfather regarding the problem. But remember, seek advice but don’t ask for a solution. Whenever facing a problem, be prepared with couple of solutions and ask your godfather to guide you to the best of them.

I have a problem - Things You Should Never Say to Your Godfather

5. Do not show temper:

We all have different levels of temper. You may be a short tempered individual. However, never ever show your temper or your ego to your godfather. Words said in the heat of the moment are harsher than those said with patience. Remember, silence is the best weapon. Shouting back or even replying in a rage can make every effort go for a toss.

Do not show temper - Things You Should Never Say to Your Godfather

4. Don’t keep him waiting:

Your time is important, but his time is precious. He is your godfather and you are at the receiving end of things. No matter how important other works may be to you, don’t keep your godfather waiting as your delay may force him to think that he is wasting your time on you.

Don’t keep him waiting - Things You Should Never Say to Your Godfather

3. What will be my salary?

In case your godfather wants you to work for him, don’ ask for money. It’s obvious that we all work for money, so you don’t need to specifically say the obvious to your godfather. Keeping money as a first priority before your godfather will have a negative impression on him.

What will be my salary - Things You Should Never Say to Your Godfather

2. Phew!

Your expression speaks for your unsaid thoughts. Always be careful about your body language and facial expression in front your godfather, as expressions of sighs and tiredness can upset him. Such expressions are perceived to be non-cooperating and disinterested.

Phew - Things You Should Never Say to Your Godfather

1. Will do it tomorrow:

First things first, and the task allotted to you by your godfather is important than any other thing. Never postpone the work given by your godfather. Make sure you meet the deadline set by your godfather. The ability to meet your deadline shows your dedication towards your work. It shows how responsible and efficient you are.

Will do it tomorrow - Things You Should Never Say to Your Godfather

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