Top 10 Things Which India Can Learn From China

6:49 am 12 Apr, 2013

China and India began their post independence journey almost at the same time, but the way the “Asian Dragon” has emerged as a clear winner in the race is worth pondering over. China is clearly on the way to achieve the status of a superpower in few years to come, while India is struggling with its economic policies presently. However, the mercurial rise of China teaches a thing or two to its Asian neighbor and we must try our best to adhere to those leanings in order to scale similar heights as China. Here is a list of top 10 things which India can learn from China.

10. Transportation:

The way China has evolved its transportation model is worth loads of praise. China’s railway network is among the world’s best, and bullet trains make it possible for the countrymen to commute long distances within a few hours. The public transport is way better than India’s and air network is comprehensive unlike India’s.

Transportation - Things Which India Can Learn From China

9. Population control:

China owns the tag of most populous country in the world and India only finishes next to it giving it a close finish. Conversely, it would not take India a longer time to emerge as the country with most number of people. There are around 1.35 billion in China as compared to more than 1.2 billion in India presently. However, the way China has curbed the spiral rise of its population introducing various measures (one child norm, strict penalties, no citizenship to the third new born etc.) is worth teaching point or two to India.

Population control - Things Which India Can Learn From China

8. Cleanliness:

Shanghai is the business capital of China and Beijing is the national capital. Those who have travelled to these cities would surely agree to a point that they were umpteen times better than Mumbai and Delhi respectively on the infrastructural and cleanliness index. Indians should take a leaf out of the book of Chinese nationals about how to keep country litter free and tidy.

Cleanliness - Things Which India Can Learn From China

7. Aggression:

The way China puts forward its point of view in front of the world is worth praising. It follows an aggressive posture in case the other nation is showcasing belligerent stance against it. As in the case of dispute with its neighbors (Philippines and Vietnam); China has been straight forward in putting across its viewpoint. This is what India needs to learn from China especially while dealing the turbulent relationship with Pakistan.

Aggression - Things Which India Can Learn From China

6. Education and research:

Despite the largest system in the world in terms of undergraduate (bachelor’s) enrollment in the degree system, India lacks in quality education set up. The present situation of vocational education is poor in the country. While China enrolls around 96 lakh students in vocational courses we only enroll around 40 lakh. In addition, China spends around 2% of its GDP on research work where the number is only around 1% in case of India.

Education and research - Things Which India Can Learn From China

5. Health system:

China faced similar problems as India is facing at present for most part of its existence post independence. However, with execution of proper medical and insurance policies and improvement in the medical sector of the country China achieved what was termed as impossible by the Western powers. The medical insurance cover has been increased to 95.7 percent in 2012 from low 29.7 percent in 2003.

Health system - Things Which India Can Learn From China

4. Diplomacy:

Chinese are famous the world over for their diplomatic acumen. The way they have augmented their stronghold over almost all the parts of South Asia shows how well they design their diplomatic policies. The recent rebuff Indian company GMR received at the hands of small island nation named Mauritius (on the backing of China) itself shows they exhibit no nonsense attitude on the diplomatic front.

Diplomacy - Things Which India Can Learn From China

3. Disciplined execution of policies:

India is good at churning out policies, but the way implementation is carried out is pathetic. A great number of loopholes are left intact in the national policies for the law breakers to make their way into. This has left our country into a banana republic and policies are a matter of making money than progressing nation forward. Whereas, the Chinese associate proper execution of national policies with overall development of the country. They attribute success of policies with increase in revenue that could further result in increase in per capita income of the country.

Disciplined execution of policies - Things Which India Can Learn From China

2. Manufacturing policies:

The way China is dominating the world order with its immaculate manufacturing power (low volume and low cost based) is just next to brilliant. The way it prepares and executes its manufacturing policies leaves a lot for India to learn from. The best part is that China offers huge incentives to the manufacturing companies in the country through the SEZ’s and manufacturing rebates and this is what has made it a global manufacturing leader. The national manufacturing policies of India should be drafted keeping China in the backdrop because two decades ago, China too faced the same problems as we do at the moment.

Manufacturing policies

1. Infrastructure development:

China is all set to take over US in a decade or less as the largest economy in the world. The main reason behind its spiraling growth rate is the magnificent and robust infrastructural set up it possesses. It is what led to its mercurial rise in the exports as ports, roads and railways tracks are of the top most class. On the other hand India is still battling with poor infrastructural set up despite investing crores since the time of independence. What India must learn from China on the foremost basis is that corruption is the root evil in almost all the nations in the world, but when it comes to infrastructure, we need proper development.

Infrastructure development - Things Which India Can Learn From China

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